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Tamsin on Madsta 

I first stumbled over Madsta's blog in 2009, way back when she was one of the little people and only had 7 followers. I was instantly charmed by this creative, thinking teenager from England with a burning desire to live in Utah(?!?). "Gregarious" isn't exactly the kind of word I tend to throw around easily, but it's one that suits our Madsta down to the ground. She loves people and fun and fun people (and people-fun?) and isn't afraid to let it show. And have you seen those cheek bones!?!
Madsta blogs at The Madsta Journals, and writes about family, friends, fashion and fun on the outskirts of London.

Madsta on Tamsin
The first time Tamsin and I spoke via our blogs, she told me I was adorable, Right back acha, I say.
Being 30 is no bar for being adorable, not if your Tamsin.
She blogs her various musings over at Project Project, along with the deal on her beautiful family, and generally makes the world a better place.
Tamsin Lives In Utah, and, in her own words, is 'Just your average British Norwegian Mormon living in Utah'
But she is most definetly not average, she is, in my observations, huge fun, very sweet, and fairly brainy too, hense the Art history degree.
She make's me excited to be 30, and to visit the US of A.

And she's pretty too.

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