Friday, September 14, 2012

The end of summer

Dear Tamsin,
I just want to start with...
I don't know how this happened, someone stole the summer, and I'm not happy!
I have so much that I've done since I sort of forgot that I blog for the summer!
Once you stop its so hard to start again, but since I start college on Monday, and all my friends are leaving for uni, I thought I better pull my socks up!

I want to hear everything!
Hows life going?- have you been working on a baby girl nursery or anything exciting?

Life has been really good, I can't really complain, other than that I am apparently unemployable because my summer of job hunting has been fruitless, but I'll have enough to be getting on with when I start college anyway, if that goes to plan.

I've had a lot of nights out (probably too many, I'm a bit over it!) day trips, and fun times with friends who are leaving soon; one of my highlights was probably surprising Alex with a trip to London zoo, all attention on him;

In answer to the questions you wrote so long ago;
1.Tenerife was AMAZING. It was a really wonderful experience with amazing friends and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it, we talk about it all the time now still!
2. I 'ate chips (which, we still say to each other about six times a day) came from the fact that our hotel was all inclusive and had a really amazing buffet for every meal, but, with Tenerife being Spanish territory- that I know of- they had almost no vegetarian food, one night there was even bacon in the broccoli!- and so pretty much, every day, I had chips, sometimes with veg food, often not, and so, after day three came "I 'ate chips" and to us, it just never stopped being funny :)
3.Olivia running with the Olympic torch was totally amazing, one of the best days of my life, and we couldn't of had a better experience, London has just had an amazing year, and I'm glad we're here to be a part of it!-

4. everything went okay, I mean, not great, but I'm pretty excited to start a "new chapter"
5. Starting college Monday, nervous, excited, and wanting more time!
6. So far the only thing my grown up bank account has been used for is making ahem, mature and thought out purchases from MAC ;) don't tell!

How has your summer been?

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