Friday, July 20, 2012

Hello again in list form

Dear Maddy,

Did you think I had forgotten you? Not likely! Life has just been busy and full of all sorts of good stuff like:

  • Our trip to Norway (and getting back and recovering from)

  • Being pregnant (not for the faint-hearted)
  • Independence Day celebrations
  • 4th of July parade in Provo.                
  • Installing tile on the floor of approximately one third of our house, with ensuing chaos
  • Mad nesting instincts taking over the entire family as we realize just how little we'll ever get done with two littl'uns running around. 
  • Lots of nesting-induced shopping. 
  • Discovering that we are having a girl!!!  
  • It's a girl!                       
  • My birthday
  • Beginning potty training with Espen (again, not for the faint-hearted) 
  • and all of the everyday cooking, cleaning, toddler chasing, trips to the park, food shopping, baby sitting, Netflix-watching, book reading, nap taking stuff that goes on around here. 
The thrills! 

So, here are the things that I want to hear about from you: 

  1. Your girls' trip to... Tenerife, was it? Your Facebook photos made it look like ever so much fun.
  2. Explain to me why you 'ate chips? 
  3. Oli's olympic adventures. Has she run with the torch yet? When and where is her big moment? 
  4. How did exams and your art exhibit go? Pictures please! 
  5. When do you start college? 
  6. And now that you have that grown-up bank account, how are you spending your time off? 
Somehow I always seem to end up writing to you on Friday afternoons! This weekend Nick's parents are coming up to help us with some of our projects around the house, and to take care of Espen for us so we can go out to see a play for my birthday. My birthday was on Wednesday, but oddly enough, Utah county was not filled with fun things to do on a weeknight, so we moved our birthday extravaganza to the nearest weekend. We're going to see "Crazy for you" at a local theatre and go out to dinner... somewhere. We went to the Bombay House for my actual birthday, so I'm being well and truly celebrated this year. 

Other weekend plans include my in-laws are also bringing our new living room curtains, for which I am disproportionately excited. The party never ends around here :) Oh, and I am teaching in church on Sunday. Wish me luck! 

Hope you have a fun weekend ahead too!


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