Friday, May 4, 2012

Hello friend

Dear Maddy,

I have missed you! How are you?

So much has happened and is about to happen in your life. You're 18 and an adult, for goodness sake!
How is that working for you? Thinking about my own experiences as an 18 year-old, I seem to remember lots of fun and lots of dramas. Highs and lows. The thrills and the horrors of suddenly being a responsible adult. Sound familiar? You'll be out of school in just a few weeks too! Still headed off to Amersham in the autumn, or did something else come along as hoped for?

(Quick break while I go and get a yogurt. ----- OK, that's better).

Espen "playing dishes".

Life over here has been pretty busy lately. Of course you know some of what has been occupying our time! :) On the not-so-fun side, we all got sick, one after the other, which took up what felt like years of our life, and on the much-more-fun side, we are packing up and going to Norway for three weeks on the 15th. So in 11 days!

I'm managing to be a lot more laid-back about things this time. Last year I was so nervous about traveling with Espen, and making sure I had packed everything he could possibly ever need. I had checklists written out weeks in advance. This time I've hardly even thought about what we're going to need. It makes a huge difference that he can now tell us what he wants, and we can explain what's going on to him. Of course, right now the most exciting thing to Espen is that he knows he has a bucket and spade ("Mah shovel, mama!") waiting for him at Granny's house, and so nothing else matters. He has also told me that he is going on a picnic with Granny and Granddad and uncle Jeremy, and they are going to eat carrots. Priorities.

I left my phone (and therefore my go-to camera) in the car, so no new photos I'm afraid. I will however, offer you the above one from a few weeks ago of Espen doing the dishes.

We've been having gorgeous weather here lately, so now that I can hear Espen rummaging around after his nap, we are going to head out into the sunshine. It's Friday, so we are driving into Provo and meeting Nick for dinner. Italian, I think.

Have a lovely weekend!


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wendysinfamilie said...

How nice to get an update :-)

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