Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear Globetrotter,

Your almost home from Norway by now!
Tell me everything, I'll assume you had a fantastic time, I want to hear about how your family took your amazing news!
I'm so excited!

I've been so busy! I'm really starting to believe that there are not enough hours in the day!
Your memories are correct, I'm doing "adult" things, such as planning, to open a new bank account, and going out on the town :)

I'm having a lot of fun actually, it's really liberating to loose the seventeen year old's...rules?
I don't know, not a massive amount is even different, my parents were never really too ansy about us acting 18 before we were, but it's definitely nice to do some things that weren't possible without that 18 ID :)

Such as going out in London for Oli's 20th, it was THE BEST NIGHT, so much fun to be able to go out as sisters, with all her friends, and a few of mine too,

Us in the club- she's actually three inches taller than me, but I'm in huge heels!

Not to mention leaving school, which happened on Tuesday, we're not quite done, I'm on study leave until exams and my art exhibition, and then it's Holiday time!

It was a lot of fun, although so far study leave has consisted of me cleaning out the fridge and catching up on blogging!

How was your trip?
Did being laid- back work out? someone described me as being laid back the other day, I laughed, I wish!
I'm hoping to be able to make another trip out of the country this October, fingers crossed! A lot of factors to be sorted out first!
My dad just told me I'm welcome to live at home for the next 30 years, something to really look forward to there!

Looking forward to hearing back!

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