Friday, March 2, 2012

Shopping, piercing, and a miserable cold.

Dear Maddy,

I want to see some of these art projects of yours! Pictures please! And how is school? When are you finished again? I swear my brain is like a sieve! It's just a few more months, right? Where did you apply to art college? I have this idea that it's at Amersham & Wycombe College (no idea why). If so, that's totally my neck of the woods! I've been visiting my family in that area all of my life. So, that would be fun :) When do you find out if you got in?

We always did Pancake Day in my family growing up, but it's not traditional here in the US, at least not to my knowledge. Much as I love me some pancakes, I just haven't made a point of celebrating Pancake Day. And now I really want pancakes!

I like the boots! Did you end up getting them? I still haven't bought new shoes yet, my money just keeps finding other things to do with itself! Like buying this top:

Can you see I'm concentrating? :)
I went shopping one night while Nick stayed home with Espen, but I still made the poor man help me choose by sending him photos from the fitting room. I ended up with this top, and the one I'm wearing in the ice cream picture from Espen's birthday in my last post.

But not this one.
Looking a little benevolent. Not sure why.

So, piercings. My initial reaction is to scream "NO! DON"T DO IT!"My somewhat more reflected response would be "only do it in places where you can live with having a scar." I had my nose pierced when I was a teenager, and I have a small scar from it. That one really only looks like a big pore, and you can't really tell unless you're closely studying the side of my nose. I also had the top of my ear pierced, and again, once I decided I didn't like it anymore, it wasn't hard to take out, and has only left a tiny scar in a place where I don't really think about it.

Having said that, the two places I do regret having pierced are my belly button and my eyebrow. I had a cute little pinky scar on my belly button until I got pregnant, when it decided to smear into about a 1 inch mess. Not so cute! And the scar on my eyebrow is still visible, and at this point, always will be. And every time I get my eyebrows waxed, they ask about it and I have to own up to what I thought was a brilliant idea at 17. Sigh. I would give so much to undo that particular choice.

My best advice would be to ask yourself if you'd be OK with having a visible scar in your wedding photos, if you'd be OK with any potential future children pointing to it and asking "what's that, Mummy?" and if you can see yourself as an old lady with a scar. Fortunately, ears aren't as visible as faces, so if you are going to get something pierced, then go with an ear. Just don't stretch anything, OK? There's no going back with that.

OK, soapbox ended.

As I was going to bed last night, I started to notice a little tickle in my throat and a slightly stuffy nose, and this morning I woke up with a full-blown cold. Booh! I don't think I've ever gotten one so quickly before. So here I am, under a blanket in my pajamas, while Espen happily watches Shaun the Sheep and roams free in his pajamas. Nothing like a little parental neglect to brighten your day! The sad thing is that we had a babysitter all lined up so we could go out on a date tonight, and now we're going to have to cancel. Double booh! I am foreseeing a pizza and a movie night instead, which I was about to say is nothing to sneeze at, but I don't think I can really help it right now.

And now it's time to scrounge together some lunch for the aforementioned poor, neglected child.

Have a good week.


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