Thursday, February 2, 2012

Waiting for the weekend.

Dear Tamsin,
I am in the whiniest mood, I am tired, I am so tired, and I'm cold.
Glad I got that out there.
I've been so busy, too busy, I like relaxing you know?
I've been to the national gallery today, I hate don't like the national gallery as much as some other galleries, I prefer the architecture to the paintings most days, I mean, they're amazing, but they're not really my style you know?
Anyways, I had a massive hoo-ha with the train people at charring cross, who were so unbelievably rude, even though the situation was 100% their fault, needless to say, I've written a very long email of complaint.

To address a few things;
#1- I totally get it, the shoes, I totally agree, are a matter of personal taste {of which mine can be a bit magpie-  what can I say, I definitely get it from my mother}
#2- The bed with the monster like object under it is in fact, Eve's, mine isn't as gross- and I believe it was a mix of a reindeer teddy and a big teddy bear.
#3- I think I liked dress number one the most too- definitely the style I'm looking for.
#4- Your shoe choices are not killing me softly, not even close, I promise, whilst I am the girl who, generally, would rather wear ballet flats to the woods than trainers- I'm learning, and I think as sensible shoes go, they're pretty nice- In fact, they remind me a lot of these brogues I am coveting {which sadly look like they'll sell out}

Your weekend sounded brilliant!- much better than mine, it was a quiet one {well, medium}
I've got an 18th tomorrow, lessons finish for the day at half ten, then I've got a haircut at half 11- so that'll be a race from town to town, I'm not sure what I'm doing- I pretty much cut most of the length off my hair the week after we met last year, and I've been growing it back since then, It hits my elbows now, I'm having at least an inch off, but honestly, not sure what else, I don't think it'll be very exciting, I think I want really long hippie hair for summer.

{you can see most of my hair here, and alex's monster "basketball hoop" next to me}

Also- I somehow managed to get my dad to surrender me his debit card by just making him a cup of tea a few days back, but the dress I ordered for the party was horrible, so I ordered two more options tonight, with delivery between 6 and 9pm tomorrow, party's at eight, say a little prayer please!

Dad's birthday was good- his parents were visiting for a few days from Bournemouth so it made it more special for him I think- A couple pictures from dinner, all taken by Eve because she's obsessed with my new camera- I'm going to give her my old one once I've taken it on my girls holiday (no way am I taking the new one!).
( I asked  for a kopparbarg cider- they bought me an Aspall in what can only be described as a bowl, it was filled to the brim, my mum even asked Olivia to drink some for me!)

I'll agree that March is springy and lovely because I hope it is, I'll be turning 18 on the 27th! {ridiculously excited, sort of want my parents to thrown me a surprise party, but I don't think they will or that it counts if I have to mention it}

How's your weekend looking?
I miss seeing Espen pictures.
How's it having YOUR OWN CAR!?

Maddy xoxo

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