Wednesday, February 22, 2012

pancakes and boots,

Dear Tamsin,
You sounded very busy, so I knew you'd get back to me,
Your February sounds insane! I love that you guys went out to celebrate your engagement anniversary!
Things have felt pretty busy round here too, art mostly, a birthday a week, an 18th every and every other weekend, it's fun, expensive and busy!

{I'm also running out of clothes to wear!}

I keep bringing up my birthday with my parents, but since Oli didn't do anything for her 18th (she was in the hospital) I sense that they're not really into it.

By the way every other line I am putting a heated roller into my hair since I'm going to set it in pin curls overnight,

Right, on my list of things to say;
What do you think of these?- my school shoes are falling apart, and I'd prefer to wear leggings under my skirt because tights are literally driving me crazy at the moment, so I need some ankle boots?

I went with my oldest friend Hannah to get her tongue pierced on Monday, sort of loved it, have let my mum know that odds are, I might want my nose pierced, got to think about that one, Anyway, might get my rook done for my birthday, decisions, decisions,

Espen is so utterly gorgeous! He looks so well behaved too!- I love his tent, would happily have a bigger one in my room!-, he is the spit of Nick I think!

Did you guys do pancake day? or is that not a world wide thing?
Some of our tossing,

That's it really, Other than I applied to art college for next year so fingers crossed I get a place.
Have a lovely week!
Maddy xoxo

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