Friday, February 17, 2012

Birthdays, valentine's day, holidays... you name it.

Dear Maddy,

Oh my! I am such a slacker. I thought I was a few days behind on writing back to you, and now I see it has been more than two weeks! I blame the month: In February I either seem to be a) rushing from one event to the next, or b) curled up in a ball wishing for warmer weather. This week is always a busy one for us with two birthdays (Espen's and my dad's), Norwegian Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, a three-day weekend and the anniversary of our engagement. I honestly don't know anyone else who really celebrates that day, but it gives us a good excuse to beat the Valentine's Day crowds and celebrate early. And then of course we celebrate Valentine's Day as well, so it's basically a annual week long party around here.

We went to the symphony for our engageversary, and heard Simone Lamsma perform Mendelssohn's violin concerto (this, only imagine it being played by a pretty blonde in a floor length evening gown). She was crazy good! We also discovered that she was playing a Stradivarius violin, which was pretty awesome. Neither of us have ever seen or heard one in person before, so that definitely added to the experience.

Valentine's Day was spent at home with a takeout feast from the Bombay House. We ate before Espen's bedtime, so we bribed with a showing of "Cars" and snacks in the living room while we had our candlelit dinner in the kitchen. You do what you have to!

Espen's Valentine's Day (he just likes hats!)
Our Valentine's Day - before the curries showed up. 
We put Espen to bed after dinner, and decided to curl up with a raspberry turnovers and a romantic movie. Things did not turn out as planned! First I broke the oven by trying to bake in it - the new part arrives this weekend. Then the "romantic" movie we picked out turned out to be very good, but not at all romantic or warm and fuzzy. We saw People Will Talk. And here I was thinking that Cary Grant made everything romantic! So we ended up with Ben & Jerry's ice cream and an episode of Hustle instead. Not a bad tradeoff :)

Telling me that you miss seeing Espen on my blog is a dangerous thing, because now you will have to indulge me with a few photos from his birthday yesterday:

Opening presents in his new tent.

A birthday bath with his new boat. (His face just cracks me up!)

A little skeptical (and poorly lit) at dinner. 

Enjoying the toddler playground. 

Everyone needs ice cream on their birthday!

And this one just makes me laugh. 
Today is the first day in a week that we haven't had any plans or commitments to take care of. Espen and I have spent a lot of it relaxing at home, but now I really need to spring into action in a minute. We are headed south to see Nick's parents for the weekend as soon as my art class is over (did I tell you I'm taking an art class? Beginning water colors?). This means that I need to do laundry, dishes and generally wrestle the house into a state of decency before we leave. I hate coming home to a messy house. But, oh, thank goodness for a long weekend!

I am completely jealous that you can just hop on a train and be at the National Gallery, PS. Or anywhere in London. I love the National Gallery, although it is a bit overwhelming. I went there once with a friend and we spent about six hours walking through it. It seriously took that long to just walk past all the paintings. And even after that I left with the feeling that I had just looked at a bazillion Madonnas with Child(ren), and everything else was a bit of a blur. It's nice to be able to go back and visit my favorites though, like the Arnolfini wedding or Holbein's Ambassadors that just blows me away with its crazy anamorphic ways. You just have to see it in person to really make sense of it.

Oh, and having my own car is lovely. It's a Mazda 5, so definitely a bit mumsy, but very comfortable and easy to drive. And it gives me a place to blast 80's music and sing along without shame. Well, at least until Espen gets old enough to be embarrassed.

Have a lovely weekend!


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