Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Dear Tamsin,
A good week, sort of, a good week,
I've been looking at dresses for leavers Mass all evening, slightly prematurely as it's at the end of May.
So far I like these two (1) and (2),
But I'm sure I'll get something totally different when the time comes, but I like the Midi's- what d'you think?

I'm just so ready for spring this week, even though it just means exams, I feel the same every January.
I want to go out in the evening and it not be dark!
Speaking of Evenings, Me and my besties, were invited a last minute 18th today, but we had planned to go to TGIs since my friend is now the first one of our clan to be driving, which I have decided to actually sort out, if not just so I have an ID when I turn 18 in March.
So, I have no Idea what's going on this weekend, at all.

I've only taken two pictures this week, but this is my favourite, I got those shoes you didn't like- or Oli and Mum got them for me {cutiepie's} anyway, my mum loves them, but to clarify, Olivia is two inches taller than my mum, at 5'11- so those shoes do look quite dangerous. {Trust me to be the flippin' shortest}

And since I wanted you to see my new glasses, here's a rubbish picture I took about 7 minutes ago for you, I hope you like them, because, erm, my lenses are so expensive I'll be wearing them for the next ten years according to my dad.

Speaking of my Dad, it's his birthday tomorrow, and I can hear a mad rush downstairs, because, typically, we've all lost the cards bought for him.
My mum hides things to stop us finding them- Its very common for me to get a birthday present in october.
Anyway, I better get to bed,
Have a lovely day!
Maddy xoxo

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