Friday, January 27, 2012

This and that

Dear Maddy,

Haha, "those shoes you didn't like"! They're just a lot of shoe, y'know? Leopard print, huge red bows, enormous heels... there's a lot going on. I've got to say, though, you're pulling them off like only you can! :) Although poor Mama Stimpson looks absolutely terrified in that picture. (What is that under your bed?)

While we're on sartorial things, my vote is definitely for dress number 1. Very classic, very pretty with just a little bit of sexy. The other one is pretty too, I just prefer a fuller skirt. And I love the color and print of the first one. 

I'm on a bit of a shoe hunt myself. I just need some closed black shoes that I can wear with jeans and with my beloved winter coat, which I can't show you because they've stopped selling it. I'm maybe thinking these. After seeing your shoe preferences, I'm sure they're killing you softly with their sensible song, but I'm just a girl who (can't stop quoting old songs, it seems) likes her shoes on the flat side and needs to keep her feet warm until spring. I promise I'll find something a bit more fun and feminine then, OK? OK. 

I am SO glad it's the weekend! We're kicking things off with a quiet night of bbq chicken pizza and a movie tonight, and then things will quickly escalate from there. I have a brunch with friends tomorrow morning, then we're having dinner with some other friends on Saturday night. We even got a babysitter! Wooh! Then on Sunday I am teaching a class at church before we head off for another dinner with friends on Sunday night.  And, yes, this does in fact mean that I'm not in charge of cooking anything until Monday! 

Look at ma tulips! 

I absolutely know what you mean about being ready for spring. We have snow on the ground and definitely more to come, but I keep noting with joy in my heart that it's getting dark later and later now. And January will be over in a few days, then we just have to get through February and it will be March! Let's just agree that March is quite springy and lovely, and not just a muddy extension of winter, OK? But look! The tulips on my windowsill are on their way up, which means that spring must be right around the corner, right? Right, guys?

And here's a photo of what Mr. UPS guy brought for me today. Also a hallmark of a good weekend, don't you think? And two more things checked off my Christmas wish list. I just counted, and I believe that puts me halfway there. Lovely :)

  • Love the glasses! Very Buddy Holly chick :)
  • How was your daddy's birthday?
  • Driver's license? DO IT! I waited far too long to get mine, and still kick myself over the freedom and convenience I missed out on by not doing it sooner.  It's scary at first, because all of a sudden you're driving a flippin' car!!! but you'll get the hang of it soon. I can't wait to hear about your first drive on your own :) 
Until next week!


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