Saturday, January 7, 2012


Dear Tamsin,
Wow, am I glad it's the weekend!
I slept in till 1pm today, that's how tired I was!
My art exam went {touchwood} quite well, Art exams are very relaxed, we had nine of us, spread across the massive art classroom, ipods in, sweets/drinks/sandwiches on desks, the occasional comment, two full days, you sit down, you do what-cha gotta do,
If you know what you're doing {thank god I did} they're a pretty relaxing way to end the week!
But there's also an essay to hand in, and a sketchbook full of prepwork to complete, which is tomorrow's plan.
To celebrate I ran into Boots on my way home, and bought a lipstick and the cream eyeshadow I'd been wanting, which wasn't too bad.
I cannot believe you got a car for Christmas!- I've been casually suggesting it would be nice for my parents to get me a vintage mini for my birthday, even though I haven't learnt to drive yet, and they're about as reliable as me getting up on time, that's so not going to happen.

{on our way out for new years eve}

I feel like Christmas was month's ago now, there is so much to look forward to this summer, finishing sixth form, leavers mass, prom, turning eighteen, hopefully getting my drivers licence, maybe moving onto a job, even if I fail,  It's such an exciting time, I really can't wait! {once exams are out of the way}

Also this summer is the hope of a girls holiday, a right of passage in these parts, there is seven of us going, we're trying to book it tonight {but we've tried before, and let me tell you, it's hard!} but there will be pizza and stupidity, so I'm doubtful anything will get booked! We were hoping to go to Kavos, but that's out of the window now.

2012 is treating me pretty well so far, I've nothing to complain about, I'm looking forward to it, I think it'll be a good year!
My rooms still a tip though, and my school shoes are broken, but whatever,

I'm liking this new set up too!-Hungry now,

Have a good weekend!

Maddy xoxo

+p.s- we just booked our girls holiday, Tenerife 2012 baby!

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craftyashley said...

You are so cute, Madsta. You remind me of myself at your age. (except I never had your amazing hair!) Have a great year!

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