Friday, January 27, 2012

This and that

Dear Maddy,

Haha, "those shoes you didn't like"! They're just a lot of shoe, y'know? Leopard print, huge red bows, enormous heels... there's a lot going on. I've got to say, though, you're pulling them off like only you can! :) Although poor Mama Stimpson looks absolutely terrified in that picture. (What is that under your bed?)

While we're on sartorial things, my vote is definitely for dress number 1. Very classic, very pretty with just a little bit of sexy. The other one is pretty too, I just prefer a fuller skirt. And I love the color and print of the first one. 

I'm on a bit of a shoe hunt myself. I just need some closed black shoes that I can wear with jeans and with my beloved winter coat, which I can't show you because they've stopped selling it. I'm maybe thinking these. After seeing your shoe preferences, I'm sure they're killing you softly with their sensible song, but I'm just a girl who (can't stop quoting old songs, it seems) likes her shoes on the flat side and needs to keep her feet warm until spring. I promise I'll find something a bit more fun and feminine then, OK? OK. 

I am SO glad it's the weekend! We're kicking things off with a quiet night of bbq chicken pizza and a movie tonight, and then things will quickly escalate from there. I have a brunch with friends tomorrow morning, then we're having dinner with some other friends on Saturday night. We even got a babysitter! Wooh! Then on Sunday I am teaching a class at church before we head off for another dinner with friends on Sunday night.  And, yes, this does in fact mean that I'm not in charge of cooking anything until Monday! 

Look at ma tulips! 

I absolutely know what you mean about being ready for spring. We have snow on the ground and definitely more to come, but I keep noting with joy in my heart that it's getting dark later and later now. And January will be over in a few days, then we just have to get through February and it will be March! Let's just agree that March is quite springy and lovely, and not just a muddy extension of winter, OK? But look! The tulips on my windowsill are on their way up, which means that spring must be right around the corner, right? Right, guys?

And here's a photo of what Mr. UPS guy brought for me today. Also a hallmark of a good weekend, don't you think? And two more things checked off my Christmas wish list. I just counted, and I believe that puts me halfway there. Lovely :)

  • Love the glasses! Very Buddy Holly chick :)
  • How was your daddy's birthday?
  • Driver's license? DO IT! I waited far too long to get mine, and still kick myself over the freedom and convenience I missed out on by not doing it sooner.  It's scary at first, because all of a sudden you're driving a flippin' car!!! but you'll get the hang of it soon. I can't wait to hear about your first drive on your own :) 
Until next week!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Dear Tamsin,
A good week, sort of, a good week,
I've been looking at dresses for leavers Mass all evening, slightly prematurely as it's at the end of May.
So far I like these two (1) and (2),
But I'm sure I'll get something totally different when the time comes, but I like the Midi's- what d'you think?

I'm just so ready for spring this week, even though it just means exams, I feel the same every January.
I want to go out in the evening and it not be dark!
Speaking of Evenings, Me and my besties, were invited a last minute 18th today, but we had planned to go to TGIs since my friend is now the first one of our clan to be driving, which I have decided to actually sort out, if not just so I have an ID when I turn 18 in March.
So, I have no Idea what's going on this weekend, at all.

I've only taken two pictures this week, but this is my favourite, I got those shoes you didn't like- or Oli and Mum got them for me {cutiepie's} anyway, my mum loves them, but to clarify, Olivia is two inches taller than my mum, at 5'11- so those shoes do look quite dangerous. {Trust me to be the flippin' shortest}

And since I wanted you to see my new glasses, here's a rubbish picture I took about 7 minutes ago for you, I hope you like them, because, erm, my lenses are so expensive I'll be wearing them for the next ten years according to my dad.

Speaking of my Dad, it's his birthday tomorrow, and I can hear a mad rush downstairs, because, typically, we've all lost the cards bought for him.
My mum hides things to stop us finding them- Its very common for me to get a birthday present in october.
Anyway, I better get to bed,
Have a lovely day!
Maddy xoxo

Friday, January 20, 2012

All by myself

Dear Maddy,

This week was a weird one. Nick was in Michigan for three days for his work, so Espen and I were on our own for the first time ever. Last time Nick had to travel for work, Espen and I packed up and drove down to Grandma and Grandpa, but this trip was a short one, so we spent it at home.

The first night we met my lovely friend Caren for dinner, and she then came back with us to spend the night. It's been a long time since I had a sleepover! After Espen was in bed we sat up and talked and talked for hours, just like the old college days. Of course, now Caren is a teacher and I have a small child so bedtime came earlier than it used to, but it was still great to just chat and catch up.

A little quality one-on-one time with Mr. Häagen-Dazs.

The next day I decided that I needed a project, so we went on a field trip to the Home Depot and bought some paint for Espen's bathroom. I would show you pictures, but I basically changed it from white to cream, so it doesn't exactly photograph well. It looks really good though, and I am so pleased with the change. No more grubby builder's white! Which means that after 3 years of living here, we now only have our bedroom and bathroom left. Now we just need to commit to a color and go for it. 

When I wasn't Espen-wrangling or painting, I managed to sneak in a little alone time, which I spent with the iPad, some ice-cream and a little girl TV. Specifically HGTV. Even more specifically Sarah Richardson. That woman is brilliant! And why is it that all the best interior designers are Canadian? 

Anyway, I digress. Espen and I did just fine on our own, but I am certainly glad it's not just the two of us all the time. I missed Nick like crazy, and consider him walking through the door last night the highlight of my week. And now I'm looking forward to spending a weekend together, just the three of us. 

Hope your weekend is fun too. Don't party too hard, you'll want those brain cells for your exams! ;)


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

changing things up a bit.

Dear Tamsin,
In answer to your questions,
I have no idea.
Not really- I don't have any plans for when I finish, I might look into college, or maybe a job?
Its stressful I tell ya!
Id love to take a gap year in the next couple years, but being that my bank account has had 50p in it solidly for the last two years, I'd need to make some developments.
If I fail some exams- I don't think I'll stay behind to resit, I'm definitely done with sixth form, the big draw for me is having all my friends there, and as they'll be leaving, I just think I'd be even less motivated.

Over here, you do your GCSE exams at sixteen- in around 9 or ten subjects, then, you may either leave school and get a job, join a sixth form, or go to college where you do more specific courses, such as beauty therapy or plumbing; whereas at sixth form, you study three or four (or two) subjects for two years, an extension of those you took for GCSE, and take exams in all subjects at the end of each two years, and combine the two for your grades.
Make sense?
I don't really know what I want to do next, but ideally, I'd be working within the beauty industry, but who knows, it might end up being Tesco's.
It's been a stressful week round here, but fingers crossed everything will calm down now we're a way back into school.
Things I have done;

Made a blind- eg, tucked a sheet into the window at 3am whilst rebelling against the moonlight on my face, it's been working quite well if I say so myself.
I also got another piercing a couple weeks ago too, I love it, I'd been wanting it for flippin years, and decided, it was almost silly not to just get it, mum wasn't too keen, but it's hardly in your face, and, as is my excuse for everything, if Olivia can have tattoos, I can have a new piercing, it works like a charm that one, except when I mention a nose piercing, despite the fact I'll be an adult in just a couple months, that one will not fly.

That is it really- I also got new glasses today, that I can actually see in {if you didn't know, I'm not one of those people who can see with and without them, I am 100% exceptionally short sighted, I wear them in the shower, to put my make up on ect...}
They're really different to the ones I've had, and I'm still getting used to them, but they are pretty much what I wanted, I'll try and post a picture over at my place before the week is out.

What about you? How's it going over there?-
Maddy xoxo

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cabin fever

Dear Maddy,

As any mother will tell you, nap time is the time to carpe the crap out of your diem and do whatever your little heart desires, whether that be practical or otherwise. Today I'm going the hedonistic route and taking advantage of nap time to curl up on the couch with a blanket, some HGTV and a cinnamon roll. My excuse is that I have a cold and a toddler who is just recovering from his cold, so I need all the relaxation I can get!

Your girls' holiday sounds like fun! I actually never did anything like that, because I was in such a heated rush to move out here to go to school and get started with my life. I think it's a great idea to just relax and celebrate with your friends before you all go your separate ways. Growing up is great, and what you are supposed to do in life, but there is no reason to be rush to get there!

So, I think I need you to explain how sixth form college works for me! We left England before I started school, and my own education has taken place in Norway and the USA, so all I really know is what I've picked up from my English cousins - and you, of course! So you'll be finished with sixth form this summer, right? Unless you fail any exams, in which case you have to re-sit them?

And then what? You mentioned getting a job, any idea what you'd like to do? And would that be in addition to any further education, or are you doing a gap year? Or are you just DONE with school? I bet you're loving all of the questions, right? I guess that I'll always be a mother, even if I'm not old enough to be your mother! :)

Well, I don't really have anything too interesting to tell you. The past week has really been dedicated to taking care of our little sickie, and so we were stuck inside for daaaaaayyyyys. We've watched hours of cartoons, played with Lego, laid miles and miles of train tracks and read huge stacks of books. And gone through lots of tissues ("Mama, nose is broken!"). Yup, we're living the high life here :)

Take care,


Saturday, January 7, 2012


Dear Tamsin,
Wow, am I glad it's the weekend!
I slept in till 1pm today, that's how tired I was!
My art exam went {touchwood} quite well, Art exams are very relaxed, we had nine of us, spread across the massive art classroom, ipods in, sweets/drinks/sandwiches on desks, the occasional comment, two full days, you sit down, you do what-cha gotta do,
If you know what you're doing {thank god I did} they're a pretty relaxing way to end the week!
But there's also an essay to hand in, and a sketchbook full of prepwork to complete, which is tomorrow's plan.
To celebrate I ran into Boots on my way home, and bought a lipstick and the cream eyeshadow I'd been wanting, which wasn't too bad.
I cannot believe you got a car for Christmas!- I've been casually suggesting it would be nice for my parents to get me a vintage mini for my birthday, even though I haven't learnt to drive yet, and they're about as reliable as me getting up on time, that's so not going to happen.

{on our way out for new years eve}

I feel like Christmas was month's ago now, there is so much to look forward to this summer, finishing sixth form, leavers mass, prom, turning eighteen, hopefully getting my drivers licence, maybe moving onto a job, even if I fail,  It's such an exciting time, I really can't wait! {once exams are out of the way}

Also this summer is the hope of a girls holiday, a right of passage in these parts, there is seven of us going, we're trying to book it tonight {but we've tried before, and let me tell you, it's hard!} but there will be pizza and stupidity, so I'm doubtful anything will get booked! We were hoping to go to Kavos, but that's out of the window now.

2012 is treating me pretty well so far, I've nothing to complain about, I'm looking forward to it, I think it'll be a good year!
My rooms still a tip though, and my school shoes are broken, but whatever,

I'm liking this new set up too!-Hungry now,

Have a good weekend!

Maddy xoxo

+p.s- we just booked our girls holiday, Tenerife 2012 baby!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ramblings on a Tuesday in early January

Dear Maddy,

It's Tuesday afternoon and Nick is back at work after almost two lovely weeks of time off. We took the Christmas tree down last night, and everything feels shockingly back-to-normal. I would say it's almost like it never happened, but the sudden increase in toys all over the living room begs to differ. As does the new car parked outside. Can you believe I got a car for Christmas?!? It felt so much like living in a commercial that I kept half-expecting Nick to slip a diamond necklace around my neck and whisper inane drivel in my ear. Thankfully he refrained - although I'd take the diamonds any day!

 Espen got good at opening presents really quickly. 

We had a really lovely Christmas, though. It was just right balance of family time, alone time, time away and time at home. It was so so so fun to see Espen open his gifts on Christmas morning, but if I had to be completely 100% honest, I'd have to say that my favorite part was running away with Nick for two days of us-time. After a very busy end to the year, that was exactly what we needed.

Big grins = happy Norths. 

Now I am waiting for Espen to wake up so I can take him to the park as promised. We're having a sunny, snowless winter, so we're taking advantage of being able to use the playground. I really wish we could have some decent snow for that little boy to play in, though. He talks about snowmen constantly, but has (somewhat sadly) stopped requesting "Mama, make snow?"

So, how are you surviving 2012 so far? Are you going to be all set for your art exam on Friday? I won't expect to hear back from you until that is all out of the way, but I do hope you post some pictures of what your creations! 

Also, I wanted to say how excited I am to be blogging this way with you this year! I think it suits us and our schedules much, much better. Less guilt, more chatting! 

Take care, xx, 


Monday, January 2, 2012

New year, New topic.

Happy new year!
Remember us!?
We are the first to admit that whilst we had a brilliant first half of 2011 on the blog, after that we really let things slide. Life, families, school and our own Blogs got in the way and we were at a loss as to what to do in 2012, we had two options, cut and run, or change it up.
I think the main motivation for wanting to stick with something on this blog, was to keep up the wonderful friendship Tamsin and I have had, for I'd say a good couple of years now.

Especially now we've met in person and realise, that, in fact, we're both awesome.

So, with a new year we decided to take a new direction in our blog, we've decided to keep things simple, and make it easier for ourselves to keep it up- This year we'll be using the blog to write letters to each other, short and sweet, photo heavy, or long winded, whatever we feel like, Tamsin will go first, and I'll respond when I get a chance, and vice versa, we're hoping it keeps the blog fun and interesting, so we'll see how it goes!
We'd love some feedback as and when, and a happy new year to everyone, may 2012 be awesome.
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