Friday, November 4, 2011

How was your Halloween?

Did you have a good Halloween? Did you celebrate? Have you put away your pumpkins and dusted up the cobwebs for another year? Our pumpkins are still sitting somewhat forlornly outside the front door. Best intentions aside, we never got around to carving them, though, so maybe we'll just call them Fall decor for now, until someone has the presence of mind to escort them to the dumpster.

Our Halloween celebration was decidedly low-key this year. As you know, we didn't carve our pumpkins. We didn't go to the Halloween party (excuse me, "Harvest Party") at church. The only thing we bought for Espen's costume was a hat, and the rest we just pulled out of the closet. Our only real decorations were orange and black paper pumpkins and bats that we classily scotch-taped to the window, and I didn't even take pictures of those (what kind of a Mormon Mommy Blogger am I?!?) I didn't even buy candy until the afternoon of Halloween itself. Some might say I was seriously off my game.

Here's the thing, though: it was SO nice. It was just relaxed and fun. No, we didn't have anything to show off to the neighbors so they would know how cute and crafty we are, no, we didn't have the best candy, no, we don't have any photos of Espen in nothing but a diaper, coated with pumpkin guts, and no, Espen's costume probably wouldn't win any prizes. Unless the prize was for least amount of effort, or cutest contestant in a competition anywhere ever. Those would be in the bag!

In spite of all this apparent lameness, I am rating this as one of the best Halloweens ever, and here's why: I was allowed to get a glimpse of it all through Espen's eyes, and it was magical. Where we saw consumerism and cheapy costumes, Espen saw witches and dinosaurs and princesses coming to his house. Where we saw the mild embarrassment of taking our child begging door-to-door, Espen saw doors magically open for smiling friends to come out and give him candy (a recent love of his). Where we might have seen the annoyance of postponing dinner and bedtime, Espen found joy in going for a walk with his Daddy and Mama, while bees, ghosts, pirates and fairies surrounded us.

And it was magical.

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madsta said...

That picture of nick and espen is like, the best thing ever.

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