Friday, October 14, 2011

Photos from my week

How was your week? Around here, we are still easing ourselves back into weekly blogging with a few photos from our respective weeks.

Our week here in Spanish Fork had some very good news, some very bad news and a birthday. Either way I keep considering going to town on the leftover birthday cake.

The big occasion of the week was Nick's birthday, and all big news aside, we had a really good time together. We opened presents, went out to dinner as a little family, and took Espen to his very first pumpkin patch.

In search of the perfect pumpkin.  

 Playing in the corn bin with Daddy. 

The birthday boy himself. Oh, I love him! 

It was great to be able to lavish Nick with love, gifts and attention on his birthday, but if I am perfectly honest, it was equally nice to go out as a family and do something fun and special on a Wednesday. More birthdays, please!

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