Friday, October 7, 2011


Autumn has come overnight it seems,
I'm into zumba these days, and what I'm really noticing is that by the time I'm out of an hour long class at half past seven, it's already pitch black, and the air is icy.
This past week, our Christmas catalogues came, which always makes the autumn/winter period feel more real to me, I love the cooler air.
We missed summer in England, a few days in may, a few in august, and, so it seemed, October, but it came as quickly as it went, and I for one, am really looking forward to getting a new pair of boots.
Largely though, this Autumn should be blighted by parties.
I spoke a little about the year 13 birthday boom here- but basically, I've already been to one eighteenth birthday party- I've a fancy dress one next weekend (dad's getting mugged for my costume tonight) two best friends turn eighteen next week, and since we've been back, I've another five parties coming up.
I love year thirteen.
So, that's what Autumn means to me, life's not just one big party.

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