Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Falling for Autumn.

Like so many of you around the world, we've had a bit of an Indian summer. It's October 4th, and today is probably the first time I've felt cold since we got back from our trip to Norway this spring. Utah has very little subtlety as far as summer is concerned, and tends to relentlessly pour it on hot and heavy until you retreat into your air-conditioned home. This summer was a little cooler and a little wetter than people are used to around here, and so nature seems to have felt like making amends by gifting us a very hot September.

We have responded gratefully, and have tried to soak up as much of this extended summer as possible. Trips to the park and playground, walks around the neighborhood, feeding the ducks, picnics on the grass, blowing bubbles in the backyard. We've taken it all in and loved it, all the time knowing that the warm weather could leave at any moment, not to be seen again for months and months. 

This morning we woke to wind, heavy rain and thunder storms. As we looked out of the window at the pond behind out house, Espen pointed outside and said "Trees dancing! Water dancing!" as the wind whipped everything about. I was grateful that we had put him in his fleece footie pajamas the night before. 

It's almost as thought the seasons changed overnight. 

But.... lovely as this prolonged, late summer has been, I am ready for fall. Or autumn, if you prefer (I think I do). I'm ready for crunching yellow leaves under my feet, ready for cardigans, hot chocolate, blankets. Ready for baking, ready for pumpkins, ready for cool, crisp air. Ready for teaching my son to jump in puddles. 

Dear season between summer and winter, welcome. We will enjoy you while you are here. 

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