Monday, August 15, 2011

What I bought.

I know it's Monday.
I just got back from a shopping trip- something I don't do often, as I am, always, skint.
That's when I remembered I was supposed to post, and it had completely slipped my mind, It was such super timing.
You see, I went shopping with Oli (my big sister) and her best friend Sally, aka my other sister, and whilst we were browsing Oli kept just really casually saying "I'll buy you something" we were in Topshop, and I glanced a really, really lovely, big leather satchel, just like I had been wanting- I didn't even say a word though.
"how much?" Oli asked me as she bought a dinosaur t-shirt, a lot, in my opinion, but Oli was in an exceptionally good mood, and before we knew it, I had a satchel, and she got us all lunch.
It was super.
Dad had left me some spending money before he went away (which, let me say, is unusual)
And that's how the rest of this jazz turned up.
Since the only shoes I have at the moment bar heels, are winter boots, or Oli's flip flops- I got some new one's, I also bought some make-up brushes, makeup (not pictured) and two long vest tops from H&M- since I'm quite tall (but not as tall as Olivia, it's a tall order to be 5'11) a black and a purple, and everything else is Primark.
So that's that, not as interesting as Tamsin's beautiful print, but, what can I say, I'm a student (who has still forgotten to apply for my student card actually)
Anyone else been shopping recently?


Tamsin said...

Seriously. Love. The. Bag.

Auntie Nonie said...

I agree with Tamsin! x

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