Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shoppity Shop Shopping

In another thrilling installment of Me Here Her There, this week we are posting about our most recent purchase. OK, our most recent interesting purchase, because I'm pretty sure you're not all that interested in our takeout Thai or what I got my brother for his birthday (psst, it was this).

You know that thing you do, where you start out reading about one thing online, then you follow a link here, and a link there and before you know it, you're so far removed from where you started you're not sure how you got there? It was like that, and before I knew it, I had sent a link of a vintage map to Nick, and then he sent me a link to this:

And we both knew we had to have it. It being an original print from a book published in 1876, depicting a lifeboat landing near St. Michael's mount in Cornwall. We actually went there this summer, but that is another story. Still, I much prefer art that has some personal connection.

The first place we found it had some really great, nicely priced stuff and is really worth a look, but Nick snooped around a bit and found the exact same thing on ebay for a third of the price. Score! The print arrived on Saturday and looks wonderful in person. Now we just need to get it mounted and framed and decide where we're putting it. But isn't it pretty?

Have you bought anything good lately?

In an attempt to spice up the blog a bit, Maddy and I are taking suggestions for things to do and write about in the coming weeks. What would you like to see us do? Do you have any questions about us that you'd like to have answered? Leave us a comment and let us know what you'd like to see!

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