Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Look what I made!

And when I say "I", I do of course mean "we". My husband, Nick, and I have spent the last couple of weeks filling our evenings and weekends with lumber, tools and wood sealant in an effort to build a couple of these little beauties:

We decided that we wanted to build some raised flowerbeds when we first bought the house three years ago, and now they are finally in place. Of course I naively thought that we'd have them all ready to show you by Saturday, but of course it has rained and rained and we've been busy and I've been sick, and everything has just taken longer than we thought it would. Oh, about three years longer. Nevertheless, our little white concrete box of a garden now now boasts some pretty new beds, and I am all sorts of excited. Seeing as it's August already, we're not planting much this year, but I am already planning a little crop of vegetables for next year.

Now we just need to get the place cleaned up and free of our builder's debris, and then we can enjoy the late summer in style.

Have you made something lately? Please take this as your cue to show off your brilliance and tell us all about it in the comment section. Links, please!

PS: please note that the pathetic-looking plant in the background is one we transplanted and are hoping will perk up soon. Let's just call it reality-blogging! :)


wendysinfamilie said...

Nice flowers make me smile, i have not bought any this year.. been raining alll true summer, but next year i will have something to show you..

Tessalulale said...

Way cute and really well job done!!! They are beautiful, be proud! P.s. a little Dr.Q's (vitamin B plant tonic) will bring that little guy outta transplant shock, but I bed you've already got that covered. Can't wait to see the veggie garden! As for me I couldn't wait until next year and started seedlings in a mini greenhouse...soon to be transplanted to the planter Jasper gave me for my Birthday! Lucky for us it hasn't been too hot....yet.

Nicholas North said...

Tess, I want to see the planters that Jasper gave you for your birthday! Post some pictures somewhere!

Tessalulale said...

Ill post on Google plus!

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