Monday, August 15, 2011

What I bought.

I know it's Monday.
I just got back from a shopping trip- something I don't do often, as I am, always, skint.
That's when I remembered I was supposed to post, and it had completely slipped my mind, It was such super timing.
You see, I went shopping with Oli (my big sister) and her best friend Sally, aka my other sister, and whilst we were browsing Oli kept just really casually saying "I'll buy you something" we were in Topshop, and I glanced a really, really lovely, big leather satchel, just like I had been wanting- I didn't even say a word though.
"how much?" Oli asked me as she bought a dinosaur t-shirt, a lot, in my opinion, but Oli was in an exceptionally good mood, and before we knew it, I had a satchel, and she got us all lunch.
It was super.
Dad had left me some spending money before he went away (which, let me say, is unusual)
And that's how the rest of this jazz turned up.
Since the only shoes I have at the moment bar heels, are winter boots, or Oli's flip flops- I got some new one's, I also bought some make-up brushes, makeup (not pictured) and two long vest tops from H&M- since I'm quite tall (but not as tall as Olivia, it's a tall order to be 5'11) a black and a purple, and everything else is Primark.
So that's that, not as interesting as Tamsin's beautiful print, but, what can I say, I'm a student (who has still forgotten to apply for my student card actually)
Anyone else been shopping recently?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shoppity Shop Shopping

In another thrilling installment of Me Here Her There, this week we are posting about our most recent purchase. OK, our most recent interesting purchase, because I'm pretty sure you're not all that interested in our takeout Thai or what I got my brother for his birthday (psst, it was this).

You know that thing you do, where you start out reading about one thing online, then you follow a link here, and a link there and before you know it, you're so far removed from where you started you're not sure how you got there? It was like that, and before I knew it, I had sent a link of a vintage map to Nick, and then he sent me a link to this:

And we both knew we had to have it. It being an original print from a book published in 1876, depicting a lifeboat landing near St. Michael's mount in Cornwall. We actually went there this summer, but that is another story. Still, I much prefer art that has some personal connection.

The first place we found it had some really great, nicely priced stuff and is really worth a look, but Nick snooped around a bit and found the exact same thing on ebay for a third of the price. Score! The print arrived on Saturday and looks wonderful in person. Now we just need to get it mounted and framed and decide where we're putting it. But isn't it pretty?

Have you bought anything good lately?

In an attempt to spice up the blog a bit, Maddy and I are taking suggestions for things to do and write about in the coming weeks. What would you like to see us do? Do you have any questions about us that you'd like to have answered? Leave us a comment and let us know what you'd like to see!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Look what I made!

And when I say "I", I do of course mean "we". My husband, Nick, and I have spent the last couple of weeks filling our evenings and weekends with lumber, tools and wood sealant in an effort to build a couple of these little beauties:

We decided that we wanted to build some raised flowerbeds when we first bought the house three years ago, and now they are finally in place. Of course I naively thought that we'd have them all ready to show you by Saturday, but of course it has rained and rained and we've been busy and I've been sick, and everything has just taken longer than we thought it would. Oh, about three years longer. Nevertheless, our little white concrete box of a garden now now boasts some pretty new beds, and I am all sorts of excited. Seeing as it's August already, we're not planting much this year, but I am already planning a little crop of vegetables for next year.

Now we just need to get the place cleaned up and free of our builder's debris, and then we can enjoy the late summer in style.

Have you made something lately? Please take this as your cue to show off your brilliance and tell us all about it in the comment section. Links, please!

PS: please note that the pathetic-looking plant in the background is one we transplanted and are hoping will perk up soon. Let's just call it reality-blogging! :)

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