Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where Tamsin's at.

So we were all eagerly expecting a post all about Tamsin's best present ever this past couple days, However I just got an email from Tamsin en route to the hospital where, I hope she doesn't mind me sharing, that she may/may not need to get her gallbladder out in the next few days, so needless to say, I think I'll let her off posting until she's feeling fully recovered!
Now, being honest, I had to google gallbladders, and whilst I was slightly concerned that it is described as a small organ, was reassured by the statistics, they don't teach us kids about gallbladders these days {at least not the days I went to biology}

Don't worry, I'll try and man the blog for a while, but I'll hope you'll join me in sending good thoughts and if your the praying type- prayers, over to Tamsin and her family in Spanish fork, that whatever happens goes as smoothly as possible and she'll be back on her feet in no time!

Get well soon Tamsin!

1 comment:

Tessalulale said...

Oh no! Get better Tamsin!!! I must say I'm quite impressed she took the time to email you. Now that's dedication to blogging!

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