Friday, July 22, 2011

Guest blogger Tana's best present{s} ever.

Hello again!- so with Tamsin out of action for a little while, I decided to take charge {I'm playing grown ups} and bring in one of our mutually favourite ladies, Tana, to fill us all in on her best presents ever.

A touching post about my most favorite material gift might have been about the time my father took me to the music store and picked out the coolest, oddly-shaped guitar for my 18th birthday. But my meaningful dad-gift moments were that we went together—and not really about the gift at all. Those times were special because they were rare and precious. (It was an awesome guitar, though. My daughter has it now.)
I was totally stoked to get this far-out guitar from my dad, man!

And it made me think about all of the lovely gifts and pass-me-downs my mother has given me throughout my life and how unfair it is that my absent father, suave and handsome and easy to love though he was, could swoop in like Errol Flynn and steal the best-gift-ever title away from the one who tried so hard every day.

A bit of the lovely Mediterranean dresser passed down from my mother.

So I won’t write the touching post about the music store—or the time he took me dress shopping when I was eight. (Ah, that man was such a charmer!) And he bought me a velvet hat to go with the dress and the bullies at school teased me and tried to take it away. Okay, wearing a velvet hat to school was probably an engraved invitation for the little hoodlums, but it was a groovy velvet hat that the coolest man in the world had picked out just for me. If I couldn’t sleep in it, I was at least going to wear it to school. No, I’m not going to write about that either. My mother dressed me beautifully every day without a blink of appreciation from my eight-year-old self. So not fair!

 My father on the left in the light-colored jacket, circa 1965.

 My brother once took the time to ship me my very first computer when he was upgrading to newer equipment for his business. I was going to college as a returning student with a house full of children and an injured husband. He did that for me when I'm sure there were easier alternatives. It still makes me tear up.

 This quirky sculptural candelabra is one of my favorite gifts from my husband, Cam. His creative medium of choice is steel. The piece will stump future archaeologists, I’m sure. It will be around forever (if I said, “like our love” would it make you a little nauseous?) It is so unique and the unabashed emotion behind the chosen iconography makes me feel very cherished.

From the heart of my man of steel and velvet.

I was supposed to pick one, wasn’t I? Impossible, for a woman who has been so richly blessed. For me, the thing that makes a favorite gift is always the feeling that accompanies it.
 Hope you get better soon, Tamsin, my dear!
Thank you for the invitation, Maddy!

Tana- thank-you for sharing, being the nosy girl I am, I loved reading- my personal favourite? the Candelabra from Cam, its gorgeous!


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