Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Best {material} present ever.

Hello lovelies!
This week Tamsin and I are back as promised, and in keeping with the theme of Tamsin's birthday yesterday we are sharing our best ever presents we received- I knew instantly what mine would be.

My dad sells and deals in a lot of antiques and collectibles, he loves them {though its not his day job} a few years ago, I accompanied him to an auction at quite a famous auction house nearby, as he's passed the bug onto me, I absolutely love antiques.
Before the viewing I saw a really beautiful dressing table, it looked french to me, though I am ignorant of the style, my dad could probably fill me in, but he'd only talk about the era for twenty minutes, and no one wants that- I thought- and still do, that it looked like a princess' dressing table, I really wanted it, My dad called my mum and got the go- ahead to go for it, however it was on sale with a very old, Italian armchair, that when it came to bidding- and my Dad's an old hand at bidding, was why all the professional dealers wanted it, not for my pretty dressing table.

I pretended I wasn't sad after we lost the bid, but I really was, I loved the pretty table.
A month or so later, I was walking home from the train station after school when I met my Dad coming down the road to go to the post office, I turned around and went with him, when we were on our way back, walking into our drive he said "there's a surprise for you in the hall"
In our hall was my dressing table, pretty and big.
My Dad told me he had contacted the person who had won the bid, a dealer who had only really been after the armchair it came with, and bought the dressing table off him.
It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, and I have never been so surprised, my dad, bless him, isn't really well known for spontaneous gestures, and this one goes down as my best present ever.
I've seen a few of these tables in the years since, I think it was a reproduction, but I still love it, and it fills my big bay window so well- better than it's counterpart, a pine dresser that has now been refurbished as a console table in our hall.
Even though it's quite worn in now, and could probably do with some TLC, I still absolutely love it.

I found it exactly on google images, since my camera's out of battery, the only difference is mine didn't come with a stool.

Stay tuned and tell us all about your best present ever.

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