Sunday, June 26, 2011

Something new.

I'll admit, I forgot to take new pictures for this post, but this week, Tamsin and I are posting about our something news.
So, if you recall this picture,
my hair is pretty long, like, way down to the bottom of my back, my hairdresser referred to it as "tramp stamp hair" and, whilst I loved the hippie-ish length, it was a real pain and in terrible condition,
so I went for the chop.

This is the only picture I got, from my prom a couple days back, I got my hair cut the day before prom, and it definitely wasn't drastic, but the hair at my ends was a good ten years old, and I'm only seventeen, so I let my hairdresser cut a good five inches off, and give me a fringe style thingy, I know to a normal been this is long hair, but mumma stimpson and I are quite emotional when it comes to hair and it was a teeny bit sad, I also didn't know I would go to prom so maybe I would have waited.
Which brings me to my other something new, the dress pictured above, Blondie and I, decided to go to the prom when late night shopping later that day, the day before prom, and bought everything there, my whole outfit ended up working out at £22, including a hair clasp not pictured, and I know its not the longest dress ever, but this prom was for dancing, and I sure danced,
So, those are my something news for this week, I get that I still have hair, but I do miss the length, I am going to grow it back but take much better care of it, and get it trimmed at least every three months, as opposed to once or twice a year.
Anyone else get anything new this week?

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Leah - Bogue Living said...

Your hair looks lovely, as does the outfit :)

We got some new kitchen chairs this week! Red from Ikea. Got to unpack them still :) But I am excited about some extra colour in the room.

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