Sunday, June 19, 2011

The meeting in retrospect

Hello!- its been a while, admittedly, though I'm sure you've all heard my brilliant (and yet so true) excuse for not posting- to rectify that I am back at school tomorrow after over a month off- you can imagine how excited I am.
So- two weeks ago now- Tamsin and I- plus her Nick and Espen met up!
I was really excited- and nervous, Tamsin was someone I get on so well with virtually, and I wasn't about to make a bad impression (intentionally anyways)
To make things easier for me, since I'm a cheap student and can't drive, they came to my stomping ground of Ruislip-
I was really nervous, but then I thought about when I had met a friend's new boyfriend for the first time a few months back, I obviously wanted to make a good first impression, and now we're all really good friends, so I had to remind myself I had the ability to talk to people I'd never met before- which helped.

When I saw them all coming into the coffee shop we were meeting in (though I don't think any of us drink coffee- I can vouch for Espen and I anyway) I was actually really excited, Tamsin and her family were even cuter in the flesh, and I don't throw that word around lightly- Espen's eye's were like chocolate buttons.
It was definitely awkward for like the first couple minutes, we were both shy- I think Nick and Espen were excellent ice breakers actually, but from my perspective anyway, after that things got a lot less weird and I had a genuinely good time, it wasn't hard to talk to Tamsin at all.

Things got fun, in fact, after only about an hour of having met when we headed round the corner to the park right behind my house, we took espen on the playground, walked round just us girls, people watched, and went on the round-a-bout.
we got carried away on the round-a-bout actually, Nick kept having to remind us to stop going around for our picture.
We went to the duck pond, the farmers market, and spotted peek-a-boo's of my house behind the trees in my garden backing onto the park.

Overall, Tamsin was everything I had expected throughout our blogging friendship, funny, friendly, open, and really easy to talk to, and meeting her was actually just a whole heap of fun, and I was quite sad to say goodbye, it was just a huge bonus to get to meet her husband Nick and little Espen, who, were equally as charming.
And if I ever happen to be round the corner from Tamsin again- whether it be on my side of the Atlantic (right ocean?) or hers, I would jump at the chance to meet up again.

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Tessalulale said...

Oh that picture is too cute and super great that you two got to meet up.. It kind of is a big moment in your blogging relationship. Thanks for sharing! P.s. Your description of Espen's eyes is sooo right on! -Espen's very proud Aunt

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