Sunday, June 26, 2011

Something new 2.

Because it is now dark outside and I am wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I am going to delay this week's post until tomorrow. OK, OK, next week. Consider this a bit of a placeholder until tomorrow, when I will conduct a decidedly awkward photo shoot all by myself, just so I can show off my new dress to you. Problem is, I have two new dresses.

So... black and white or blue and white? Any requests?

Something new.

I'll admit, I forgot to take new pictures for this post, but this week, Tamsin and I are posting about our something news.
So, if you recall this picture,
my hair is pretty long, like, way down to the bottom of my back, my hairdresser referred to it as "tramp stamp hair" and, whilst I loved the hippie-ish length, it was a real pain and in terrible condition,
so I went for the chop.

This is the only picture I got, from my prom a couple days back, I got my hair cut the day before prom, and it definitely wasn't drastic, but the hair at my ends was a good ten years old, and I'm only seventeen, so I let my hairdresser cut a good five inches off, and give me a fringe style thingy, I know to a normal been this is long hair, but mumma stimpson and I are quite emotional when it comes to hair and it was a teeny bit sad, I also didn't know I would go to prom so maybe I would have waited.
Which brings me to my other something new, the dress pictured above, Blondie and I, decided to go to the prom when late night shopping later that day, the day before prom, and bought everything there, my whole outfit ended up working out at £22, including a hair clasp not pictured, and I know its not the longest dress ever, but this prom was for dancing, and I sure danced,
So, those are my something news for this week, I get that I still have hair, but I do miss the length, I am going to grow it back but take much better care of it, and get it trimmed at least every three months, as opposed to once or twice a year.
Anyone else get anything new this week?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Meeting Maddy

An almost identical photo taken with my camera.
The only thing that has moved is Espen.

When it became apparent that 1) We were going to England this year, and 2) Maddy lives a mere 20 minutes from where we were staying (Thank you, Pat and uncle David!), I knew that a meeting would be in order. And fortunately Maddy agreed! So we agreed on a place and a time

On our way into Costa Coffee in the high street in Ruislip, I noticed a teenage girl and a young boy that just looked familiar. Then I realized that they were Maddy's brother and sister, Alex and Oli and I felt like I had just had a celebrity sighting! I loudly hissed to Nick who they were, and think I seriously skeeved Oli out. Who was this random woman grinning at them in the street?

Then we headed into Costa Coffee (No, Maddy, we don't drink coffee either:) ) and the first person I saw was Maddy.

My first impulse was to give her a big hug, but then I think shyness got the better of both of us. I was suddenly acutely aware of being an old married lady with a husband and a baby, hanging out with a teenager. But fortunately we had Espen with us, who always acts as a great social ice breaker and go-to topic of conversation, so we had something to talk about while we bought our lunch and got settled around a table. Then Nick laughed at us for both being a bit on the quiet side, and we were off. Eventually Espen noticed that the little boy at the next table had a little toy Thomas train, and his desperate pleas of "Ohmas! Ohmas!" became too much to bear, so we took him to the park to play.

Once there we kind of split into boys and girls so Maddy and I got a chance to chat while Nick played with Espen. Espen's big passion right now is walking, so we all lapped the entire park a few times. In true Hollywood homes-of-the-stars fashion, Maddy pointed out the roof of her house through the trees, and I peered intently like any fan girl should.

Before very long it just felt like spending time with a good friend. It's a bit weird meeting someone for the first time while both knowing so much about each other, but really, that just gave us a chance to breeze past the initial "getting to know you" stuff and just move on to chatting as friends.

I especially enjoyed getting to see a bit of Ruislip (I like to think of it as rice-lip), so when I read Maddy's blog I can imagine her in her proper environment. And there were ducklings, which was, of course, instantly endearing.

Maddy herself was more or less just as I imagined her to be. Except, goodness! If you think her hair is long and pretty in photos, you should see it in person. Wowee zowee! I loved Maddy's style in person too: pretty and feminine, but always with a little edge and individuality.

She is very sweet, fun to talk to, considerate and (like me) perhaps a little shy at first. While it didn't really come out too much while taking a 1-year old to the park, I'm pretty confident that there is a Wild One hiding inside there too.

And yes-yes-yes, Maddy, come and visit! Our guest room is always open for you :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The meeting in retrospect

Hello!- its been a while, admittedly, though I'm sure you've all heard my brilliant (and yet so true) excuse for not posting- to rectify that I am back at school tomorrow after over a month off- you can imagine how excited I am.
So- two weeks ago now- Tamsin and I- plus her Nick and Espen met up!
I was really excited- and nervous, Tamsin was someone I get on so well with virtually, and I wasn't about to make a bad impression (intentionally anyways)
To make things easier for me, since I'm a cheap student and can't drive, they came to my stomping ground of Ruislip-
I was really nervous, but then I thought about when I had met a friend's new boyfriend for the first time a few months back, I obviously wanted to make a good first impression, and now we're all really good friends, so I had to remind myself I had the ability to talk to people I'd never met before- which helped.

When I saw them all coming into the coffee shop we were meeting in (though I don't think any of us drink coffee- I can vouch for Espen and I anyway) I was actually really excited, Tamsin and her family were even cuter in the flesh, and I don't throw that word around lightly- Espen's eye's were like chocolate buttons.
It was definitely awkward for like the first couple minutes, we were both shy- I think Nick and Espen were excellent ice breakers actually, but from my perspective anyway, after that things got a lot less weird and I had a genuinely good time, it wasn't hard to talk to Tamsin at all.

Things got fun, in fact, after only about an hour of having met when we headed round the corner to the park right behind my house, we took espen on the playground, walked round just us girls, people watched, and went on the round-a-bout.
we got carried away on the round-a-bout actually, Nick kept having to remind us to stop going around for our picture.
We went to the duck pond, the farmers market, and spotted peek-a-boo's of my house behind the trees in my garden backing onto the park.

Overall, Tamsin was everything I had expected throughout our blogging friendship, funny, friendly, open, and really easy to talk to, and meeting her was actually just a whole heap of fun, and I was quite sad to say goodbye, it was just a huge bonus to get to meet her husband Nick and little Espen, who, were equally as charming.
And if I ever happen to be round the corner from Tamsin again- whether it be on my side of the Atlantic (right ocean?) or hers, I would jump at the chance to meet up again.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Well, it finally happened, and we missed a week. My brilliant excuse is that my little family and I found ourselves in three different countries that week, and barely knew which way was up.

Maddy's excuse is that she's out of school and can't remember what day it is.

Clearly, we're both really suffering under the hardships of life. Too much international travel and time off can be such a burden. But, in the spirit of summertime, we will ask your forgiveness and promise to get back in the saddle with a new post for this week - soon.

Have the lazy days of summer reached you yet?

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Posted in the nick of time (I am literally typing this from the edge of my bed before I fall asleep), here is a quick vlog for the week. It's not very long, because I am still busy traveling, but I think you might like it anyway.

Have a good week!
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