Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Friday, Friday

After a beautiful week of wedding posts, being the only Brit {unless Tamsin- do you consider yourself British? I get so confused}, and only poster unmarried this week, I get to report on how we celebrated {but I won't tell you about the whole bottle of champagne Mutti and I accidentally drank, oh no.} it was union jack paraphernalia all the way.


{a word of warning, I've got my British pride on- I just recently found it, on Friday, it fits nicely}
Who watched the wedding?
I cried my eyes out, so did my mum, I never realised we were so keen on the royals, I guess we are.
Well, I have to say it, I have never been so proud to be British, and I don't really know why, it was a wedding, a beautiful wedding indeed, but It united each and every neighbourhood, there were, in Ruislip alone, parties, and street parties, and pub trips galore- I could hear chanting out my window all afternoon- sadly my own street didn't get it's permit in in time.

I also particularly liked the bank holiday idea, no school on Friday suited me down to the ground.

We really debated going up to London to line the mall, and wave to our Prince and his new Wife, but whilst the atmosphere looked good enough to be bottled, my dad was away for the weekend and I didn't fancy pulling Alex round London any more than my Mum did!
So we were up at 8:30am, to catch every second of pre-wedding, wedding, and recap footage we could.

{Eve does not agree with mornings}
We are British, and Royalists, so we were camped out, I wore as much red white and blue as I could find, and we had all the British paraphernalia as we could find- sadly though, after visiting no less than 6 shops, there was no British bunting to be found to decorate our house, those who were having street parties must have got in quick, it was an obligatory addition.

{A breakfast of kings}
I didn't take my camera {rookie mistake} for the town's celebrations at 'The duckpond' and great barn in our town, just down the road from me, but they had big screens up, a wedding breakfast and a hog roast- not so good for this vegetarian mind- and we found out who bought up all the bunting.

Wandering through the main high-street in the two hour gap of wedding footage in early afternoon, of all the window displays, this, in a local coffee shop, was my favourite,
We weren't sure if our poodle, panda, would live to see the wedding, so we let her get absolutely sloshed.
{this is a lie}
I thought Catherine- the new duchess of Cambridge looked beautiful, like a real princess- but I don't think it's as fun to be called a duchess as it would to be called a princess.
I guess she's Will's princess after all.
Really, I suspect the majority of the country celebrated in the pub, which is a British institution in itself, or it looked that way when I passed.
What did you think of the wedding?
My favourite part was this,


Erin said...

I loved watching the wedding over here in the States. Kate looked gorgeous, and I loved her dress! My favorite part was seeing all the amazing hats the guests wore! Nobody wears hats in the U.S. anymore! I think it's a lost art here. I think the only time people wear hats if the U.S. is if you live in the South and it's Easter or you're going to a funeral. :( Now I want a hat! Also, I'm always surprised at how proud I am of my nation too sometimes. I don't consider myself very patriotic, but on special occasions like Independence Day, or especially our last presidential inauguration (during which I actually cried a few tears) I'm always surprised at how much it affects me. Thanks for the wedding coverage this week, ladies!

Tana said...

There was a resurgence (a small one) in hat wearing here in the states after Charles & Diana's wedding. I'll bet we see another small one again. I hate the big gawdy fascinators though. (Beatrice, are you reading?)

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