Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A favourite photo of me.

Did I mention here on MHHT that I am about to skip the country? No? Well, as of tomorrow, my husband and I are taking our little boy to Norway (and a few other places) for almost six weeks. Don't worry, we haven't lost our minds, we're just taking Espen to see his grandparents who live there. Anyway, seeing as we are leaving tomorrow (aaack!), Maddy agreed to doing something short, sweet and simple this week. So....

A favorite photo of me

This is one of our engagement photos, and six years later, it still takes my breath away. I love it because you can just see how happy and in love we are, even with a (genius) photographer capturing our every move.

And because picking just one was impossible:

I love this one of me and Espen (look how little he was!). It's relaxed, informal and a great reminder of a really wonderful time of our life. I hope he'll still like having fun with his mama when he grows up.

Do you have any photos of yourself that you love?


wendysinfamilie said...

Lovely photos both of them, the top one was realy cool like you say you can see you`r emotions :-))

Looking forward to seeing you all ........ soon .....

Tana said...

I love them both!

Have a wonderful trip!

(Good luck on the flight with Espen.)

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