Monday, May 30, 2011

Favorite films

Naughtiness! I should have posted this last week, but I've been off traveling again. Forgive me?

We watch a lot of films at our house, especially since Espen joined us and ensured that we now spend a lot of nights in. Netflix, we salute you!

As it happens, I'm not very good at picking favorites. Too much commitment! But here are a few films that I really, really like.

  • Il Postino. It's in Italian, set on Capri in the 1950s, so it's gorgeous, and has some quite romantic moments too. Mostly it's a film about friendship. I saw it when I was a teenager and loved it.
  • Kitchen Stories is a weird little Norwegian film about an old bachelor who agrees to have a Swedish scientist come and observe him in order to design the perfect bachelor kitchen. Very sweet, and features my grandmother as an extra!
  • OK, if I'm going to be completely honest, I have to admit my deep and abiding love for 1980s dance movies. I cannot resist either Footloose or Dirty Dancing. They just make me giggle every single time.
  • The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was also a fantastic film. Not exactly a bucket of fun, but one that will really stay with you and maybe even change your perspective a little bit.
Any films you especially like?

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