Sunday, May 15, 2011

Desert Island hitlist.

So- this week our posts are late, but we have exams, and family, and parties and we just want you to know it doesn't mean we love you any less.
This idea is a bit of a last minute lightning strike of inspiration, that's how I'd describe it.
So we've all heard the term what are your three desert island must haves, and no one ever picks three, because you're packing for the long term here.
Instead Tamsin and I are aiming for anywhere from 5 to 10 things, beauty products, furniture, food, you name it, we can pick it {except Espen Tamsin, in my scenario, we'd all have our families for company- though I fear if we were all there together, Alex would corrupt him}
 So, here goes my list that I'm making up as I go along.

*I refuse to include suncream but let's just assume that luckily there is a suncream tree on the island, and because I'm not ever practical, I'm including more things to keep me entertained, than my essentials*

1.- Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream- which if you haven't used it, is more like a gel, it is amazing, and rumor has it its excellent on burns, and we might need it when we accidentally trip over our SOS fire.

2.- I want to say my laptop, because I can't be without it, but realistically, unless number 3 is a generator, I'd only get about 3 hours of it, so I'll say a whole lot of lined paper, and several Biro pens- where better to write that book somewhere you've got nothing but time?

3.- Fizzy water, or sparkling if your politically correct- On this one we'll imagine there's a fridge, It's stupid, but I won't be without it and I'm not drinking salt water. Ono.

4.- Bouncy balls. you know, the ones you buy at the pound shop in a packet of 10 for a pound or so, and you loose four on the way home bouncing them down the street- if I could get the glittery ones or one's with toys floating in them even better, 10 of these would keep me entertained for a good 2 years solid, depending on how long before we get rescued.- I'm not a grown up yet.

5.- Salsa and Doritos, that's the truth, If I'm on an island, and I'm not a fan of coconuts, even though I think they look awfully fun, I'm bringing my holy grail food- I'll swim off the calories.

6.- Aussie leave in conditioner, it smells like heaven, and with hair as long as mine if I just let the salt water get to it, it'll fall off and be woven into a blanket in no time.

7.- Flip flops- if I lived somewhere hot I would own no other shoes, even if I wasn't on an island, they're fun, they make a cool sound which I could substitute for music, and they'd be good to wear in the sea to stave off sand fish.

8.- Harry potter {all 7 books} and Lord of the rings and the hobbit.- I've got nothing but time if I'm on a desert Island, and I don't want my brain to go to sleep.

9. A camera, I don't suspect that being stranded on a desert Island would be a regular occurrence, and I want some awesome pictures for my walls and something to show the grand kids one day.

I feel like there should be a ten, but there isn't!
I apologise,- I really want to know what everyone else would take- so leave a comment!
Have a lovely evening!

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