Sunday, May 15, 2011

Desert island Essentials

It has been a busy week for both of us, but we're squeezing in a last minute post before a new week is upon us. What can't you live without? We' ll be answering the age-old question of what would you bring to a desert island:

My first thought was of course that I'd have to bring my family. If there's anything I wouldn't want to live without it's my little family! But then again, if I was going to be on a desert island, would I really want to make them be there with me, instead of safe and comfy at home? So at home they stay.

So... Leaving my boys at home, and assuming I'd have basic survival stuff covered, I would bring:

1. Plenty of cold, clean water. I hate being thirsty, and when I'm really, really thirsty, water is the only thing that does the job.

2. Clean clothes, especially clean underwear. Don't you think a clean change of clothes would make you feel better if you were Losting it up on a beach?

3. Sunscreen and moisturizer. I burn pretty easily and am blessed with lovely dry, flaky skin, so if I was going to make it for more than two hours, I'd have to lotion up!

4. Something to read. Of course, assuming this was an island with a power generator on it, I'd bring my iPad and load it with books, movies and lots of Angry Birds. If not, I'd bring Les Miserables and finally get that under my belt.

5. My toothbrush. Because, ew.

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