Monday, May 30, 2011

Favorite films

Naughtiness! I should have posted this last week, but I've been off traveling again. Forgive me?

We watch a lot of films at our house, especially since Espen joined us and ensured that we now spend a lot of nights in. Netflix, we salute you!

As it happens, I'm not very good at picking favorites. Too much commitment! But here are a few films that I really, really like.

  • Il Postino. It's in Italian, set on Capri in the 1950s, so it's gorgeous, and has some quite romantic moments too. Mostly it's a film about friendship. I saw it when I was a teenager and loved it.
  • Kitchen Stories is a weird little Norwegian film about an old bachelor who agrees to have a Swedish scientist come and observe him in order to design the perfect bachelor kitchen. Very sweet, and features my grandmother as an extra!
  • OK, if I'm going to be completely honest, I have to admit my deep and abiding love for 1980s dance movies. I cannot resist either Footloose or Dirty Dancing. They just make me giggle every single time.
  • The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was also a fantastic film. Not exactly a bucket of fun, but one that will really stay with you and maybe even change your perspective a little bit.
Any films you especially like?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Favourite films

Hello!- This week was supposed to be baby photos, trust me, your missing out, I was cute, but Tamsin's off globetrotting with her gorgeous family, so it didn't work out, instead, your getting our favourite films, as many or few as pop into my head as of now.
(the first two are fairly predictable)

1. Harry potter
I always say I prefer the film that is newest out, because by that time I've usually worn out the other films, but if I had to pick I'd say Harry potter and the Order of the phoenix.

2. Lord of the rings
It has to be The two towers, but it's a very, very close call, I absolutely love them, and I am so excited for The Hobbit to be released, and in two parts!

3. Fairytale; a true story
We still have this on video- when I was a little girl, I watched it over and over again, and then forgot all about it, recently, whilst researching the cottingley fairies for my art exam where I recreated the photographs, I discovered the film and fell in love all over again, if your familiar with it, I wanted everything about Frances' room!

I am a sucker for a good documentary, and this one, about a Maori family in New Zealand, is the most amazing one I've ever seen, It amazes me that there are people who live this way, and deal with adversity in such a way too- I've watched it over and over, it's so incredible.

5. The Hangover
I'm dying to see the second one already, Its just hugely funny, and very much light hearted- I watched it just last week on a morning that brought it's namesake, and it cheered me up no end.

6. Elizabeth- the golden age
I am obsessed with this time in history, it didn't hurt that the little girl who plays the Spanish infanta, was our families friend, and we all got tickets to a special screening, or that Clive Owen is in it.

Honestly, I know as soon as I post this I will think of a million more, these are just some films I do really enjoy- but It's hard to think on the spot, what I wear, eat and watch depend entirely on my mood, today, I've been watching some feel good hallmark films, but other times It'll be historical (such as the other Boleyn girl) or comedy- I do love films about way back when, particularly western ones.

What are some of your favourites?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Youtube: Make me smile

I've posted this video on my other blog before, but I'm posting it again because it just always makes me grin. Don't you wish this kind of stuff really-really happened?

See you next week!

My favourite youtube video.

So- here goes, less than two hours left of the week and I'm actually posting!
we're keeping this simple, by posting our favourite youtube videos here, I have a million and one, but this one, for it's classic- hilariarit-ee has to be my favourite,

Stay tuned for Tamsin's!
Have a lovely week!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Desert Island hitlist.

So- this week our posts are late, but we have exams, and family, and parties and we just want you to know it doesn't mean we love you any less.
This idea is a bit of a last minute lightning strike of inspiration, that's how I'd describe it.
So we've all heard the term what are your three desert island must haves, and no one ever picks three, because you're packing for the long term here.
Instead Tamsin and I are aiming for anywhere from 5 to 10 things, beauty products, furniture, food, you name it, we can pick it {except Espen Tamsin, in my scenario, we'd all have our families for company- though I fear if we were all there together, Alex would corrupt him}
 So, here goes my list that I'm making up as I go along.

*I refuse to include suncream but let's just assume that luckily there is a suncream tree on the island, and because I'm not ever practical, I'm including more things to keep me entertained, than my essentials*

1.- Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream- which if you haven't used it, is more like a gel, it is amazing, and rumor has it its excellent on burns, and we might need it when we accidentally trip over our SOS fire.

2.- I want to say my laptop, because I can't be without it, but realistically, unless number 3 is a generator, I'd only get about 3 hours of it, so I'll say a whole lot of lined paper, and several Biro pens- where better to write that book somewhere you've got nothing but time?

3.- Fizzy water, or sparkling if your politically correct- On this one we'll imagine there's a fridge, It's stupid, but I won't be without it and I'm not drinking salt water. Ono.

4.- Bouncy balls. you know, the ones you buy at the pound shop in a packet of 10 for a pound or so, and you loose four on the way home bouncing them down the street- if I could get the glittery ones or one's with toys floating in them even better, 10 of these would keep me entertained for a good 2 years solid, depending on how long before we get rescued.- I'm not a grown up yet.

5.- Salsa and Doritos, that's the truth, If I'm on an island, and I'm not a fan of coconuts, even though I think they look awfully fun, I'm bringing my holy grail food- I'll swim off the calories.

6.- Aussie leave in conditioner, it smells like heaven, and with hair as long as mine if I just let the salt water get to it, it'll fall off and be woven into a blanket in no time.

7.- Flip flops- if I lived somewhere hot I would own no other shoes, even if I wasn't on an island, they're fun, they make a cool sound which I could substitute for music, and they'd be good to wear in the sea to stave off sand fish.

8.- Harry potter {all 7 books} and Lord of the rings and the hobbit.- I've got nothing but time if I'm on a desert Island, and I don't want my brain to go to sleep.

9. A camera, I don't suspect that being stranded on a desert Island would be a regular occurrence, and I want some awesome pictures for my walls and something to show the grand kids one day.

I feel like there should be a ten, but there isn't!
I apologise,- I really want to know what everyone else would take- so leave a comment!
Have a lovely evening!

Desert island Essentials

It has been a busy week for both of us, but we're squeezing in a last minute post before a new week is upon us. What can't you live without? We' ll be answering the age-old question of what would you bring to a desert island:

My first thought was of course that I'd have to bring my family. If there's anything I wouldn't want to live without it's my little family! But then again, if I was going to be on a desert island, would I really want to make them be there with me, instead of safe and comfy at home? So at home they stay.

So... Leaving my boys at home, and assuming I'd have basic survival stuff covered, I would bring:

1. Plenty of cold, clean water. I hate being thirsty, and when I'm really, really thirsty, water is the only thing that does the job.

2. Clean clothes, especially clean underwear. Don't you think a clean change of clothes would make you feel better if you were Losting it up on a beach?

3. Sunscreen and moisturizer. I burn pretty easily and am blessed with lovely dry, flaky skin, so if I was going to make it for more than two hours, I'd have to lotion up!

4. Something to read. Of course, assuming this was an island with a power generator on it, I'd bring my iPad and load it with books, movies and lots of Angry Birds. If not, I'd bring Les Miserables and finally get that under my belt.

5. My toothbrush. Because, ew.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My favourite picture.

As soon as I started looking for a favourite picture of myself, I wished this week had been a favourite picture I had taken, that would have been this.
But, eventually, I deemed that whilst I have quite a few pictures of myself where I think I look quite nice, I don't think any of them are my favourite picture of me, but I think this one might be;

This is me and one of my bestest, and oldest friends, Trish, we went to nursery together, and to this day, we rarely do anything, particularly anything new, together, joined at the hip, if you will, we see each other most days.
This was taken on Bournemouth beach, one of my favourite places in the world, almost two years ago, we were just back from Paris, and the summer holiday's were just beginning, we spent a week in Bournemouth staying with my grandparents and our friend Katie,
I never feel as good as when I'm on the beach, and when I look at this picture, I am instantly reminded of all the funny things that happened that day, when we were newly fifteen, and so this has to be my favourite picture.

p.s- in case you hadn't heard, Tamsin and family are safely home in Norway, and, by the sounds of it, having a lovely time.
see you next week!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A favourite photo of me.

Did I mention here on MHHT that I am about to skip the country? No? Well, as of tomorrow, my husband and I are taking our little boy to Norway (and a few other places) for almost six weeks. Don't worry, we haven't lost our minds, we're just taking Espen to see his grandparents who live there. Anyway, seeing as we are leaving tomorrow (aaack!), Maddy agreed to doing something short, sweet and simple this week. So....

A favorite photo of me

This is one of our engagement photos, and six years later, it still takes my breath away. I love it because you can just see how happy and in love we are, even with a (genius) photographer capturing our every move.

And because picking just one was impossible:

I love this one of me and Espen (look how little he was!). It's relaxed, informal and a great reminder of a really wonderful time of our life. I hope he'll still like having fun with his mama when he grows up.

Do you have any photos of yourself that you love?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Friday, Friday

After a beautiful week of wedding posts, being the only Brit {unless Tamsin- do you consider yourself British? I get so confused}, and only poster unmarried this week, I get to report on how we celebrated {but I won't tell you about the whole bottle of champagne Mutti and I accidentally drank, oh no.} it was union jack paraphernalia all the way.


{a word of warning, I've got my British pride on- I just recently found it, on Friday, it fits nicely}
Who watched the wedding?
I cried my eyes out, so did my mum, I never realised we were so keen on the royals, I guess we are.
Well, I have to say it, I have never been so proud to be British, and I don't really know why, it was a wedding, a beautiful wedding indeed, but It united each and every neighbourhood, there were, in Ruislip alone, parties, and street parties, and pub trips galore- I could hear chanting out my window all afternoon- sadly my own street didn't get it's permit in in time.

I also particularly liked the bank holiday idea, no school on Friday suited me down to the ground.

We really debated going up to London to line the mall, and wave to our Prince and his new Wife, but whilst the atmosphere looked good enough to be bottled, my dad was away for the weekend and I didn't fancy pulling Alex round London any more than my Mum did!
So we were up at 8:30am, to catch every second of pre-wedding, wedding, and recap footage we could.

{Eve does not agree with mornings}
We are British, and Royalists, so we were camped out, I wore as much red white and blue as I could find, and we had all the British paraphernalia as we could find- sadly though, after visiting no less than 6 shops, there was no British bunting to be found to decorate our house, those who were having street parties must have got in quick, it was an obligatory addition.

{A breakfast of kings}
I didn't take my camera {rookie mistake} for the town's celebrations at 'The duckpond' and great barn in our town, just down the road from me, but they had big screens up, a wedding breakfast and a hog roast- not so good for this vegetarian mind- and we found out who bought up all the bunting.

Wandering through the main high-street in the two hour gap of wedding footage in early afternoon, of all the window displays, this, in a local coffee shop, was my favourite,
We weren't sure if our poodle, panda, would live to see the wedding, so we let her get absolutely sloshed.
{this is a lie}
I thought Catherine- the new duchess of Cambridge looked beautiful, like a real princess- but I don't think it's as fun to be called a duchess as it would to be called a princess.
I guess she's Will's princess after all.
Really, I suspect the majority of the country celebrated in the pub, which is a British institution in itself, or it looked that way when I passed.
What did you think of the wedding?
My favourite part was this,

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