Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vlog week- a book review.

So, this week on MHHT Tamsin and I are doing sort-of-vlogs book reviews.
Basically, the lovely Tana emailed and suggested we do a vlog one week, which we both thought was a good idea- but it also made us feel like you do the day before an exam.
So, finally, we're doing a sort-of-vlog book review, here's mine, and, for your viewing pleasure, I'm having a chat with my camera about Phillippa Gregory's books The red and The white Queen.
The rules were- keep it from 3-5 minutes, but I'm a chatter, so I used nearly all my time.
Well, I bit the bullet, I went first, here it is.

{I think it's better if you click this link and watch it on youtube- it's bigger}

If I can talk to my camera- you can tell me your favourite books- and, sometime...soon! Tamsin will be vlogging a book review too!


Tana said...

We know I'm partial to the idea for obvious reasons, but I just LOVE this.

Now I know what your voice sounds like and I love your lisp. (We lispers need to stick together, you know.)

Dying to hear the English Norwegian living in Utah! :)

Tamsin said...

You should check out some books by Jean Plaidy. She also writes historical fiction, including a series about each of the wives of Henry VIII. I enjoyed "Lady in the tower", about Anne Boleyn.

Also, love the hair! :)

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