Friday, April 1, 2011

The View From My Bedroom Window

Our apologies for posting so late this week. We did have a little something else up our sleeves for this week, but it didn't quite pan out in time. Hopefully we can show you what we've been up to next week! Until then, please enjoy, compare and contrast the views from our bedroom windows:


We just moved some furniture away from from our bedroom window, and as a result, Espen has discovered our view. Which in turn has led me to rediscover it. Sure, we have front-row seats to all the delights of the neighborhood parking facilities, but have you looked beyond that? I love that view of my mountains, and that we have a equally stunning set seen from the back bedrooms. I love my little neighborhood too, and knowing that so many of these little houses contain people that I know and care about. And in just a few weeks, that poor little brown tree will be covered in fresh green leaves. I love my view.

As for Espen, he is delighted with his newfound look-out spot. He was right beside me as I took this photo, and saw a woman walking by with her dog. This was commented on with a hearty "Woof! Woof! Dog!" and some frantic waving. It's amazing to me how much that little boy is able to open my eyes to the world around me.

What can you see from your bedroom window?

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