Sunday, April 10, 2011

A parcel from Utah

A month ago now, whilst emailing back and forth from Utah to London with idea's for MHHT, Tamsin suggested we send each other a parcel- genius.
Whilst the parcel I received arrived promptly within a week of its sending, mine was a little slower arriving to Tamsin- a week or two on.
Now, everyone loves getting a parcel- a letter, it's just fun right?
I loved all the stamps from the different post offices- isn't it crazy to think the parcel Tamsin sent me has gone further than I ever have? London to Paris and back again, that's it.
I'd like us to pretend that the chocolate bar in this picture is not empty with the packet shaped back to it's original rectangle, because, of all the lovely thing's Tamsin sent me, It would be awful if this was the first thing I saw- and then ate.
I'm a sucker for stuff.

A close up of my favourite material item, the earrings- This just proves Tamsin's excellent taste, how cute are they?- the biggn's I have already worn to death, and mapped out a lot of potential outfits, they're pretty cute with ma hair in a ballerina bun, and then...just every other day really- and I was recently thinking to myself that I needed a pair of hoops- I've never had any, which just seems crazy, they're so comfy.
And Tamsin knew I was a gold girl- it was meant to be.

For Tamsin- an action shot, they even match my eyes- and my glasses.
So, if you can't tell, as a resident magpie, I'm pretty taken with the earrings.
{Y'know, in pictures, my hair always looks like I'm growing out a slightly reddish hair dye, such is not the case, for as my Mutti says, it's her hair, 'till I'm eighteen}

Also included in the package I received, other than the chocolate and earrings, was A little Utah card, which I hear that Espen chose for me, I loved it, because, well, I really want to visit.
Now, I like a thoughtful gift, so maybe my favourite/its a tie, would be the little recipe Tamsin wrote out for me- vegetarian like me.
It was vegetables over couscous- something which I buy ready made all the time- For dinner this evening in fact- so I can't wait to make it- how thoughtful is that?
The little pack of notebooks- not only were they pretty, but I'm a notebook kinda gal, always got one in my bag, I like to write lists and doodle- not necessarily in that order.
And my very favourite?- it has to be the little Polaroid style picture of Tamsin and Espen, not only is it a beautiful picture, and I love Polaroids-but It's on my windowsill next to one of me and Eve looking like little whale babies, I showed my Mutti and she said- and I quote "oh, isn't she pretty? who's the angel baby?" I'm pretty sure she was referring to Espen- Sorry for your blushes Tamsin!

The things we'll do for the blog {Insert annoying smiley face here}
The moral of this story is; Tamsin is an excellent person to have within your parcel sending circle- and I like everything.
That's the truth.
Stay tuned, and Tamsin will be telling you what I sent her, just as quick as you can say Quidditch, probably.


Tana said...

Fun idea! I was wondering, though, how hard it might be to send anything truly American, seeing as so much of what we have is imported. Still, a package from across the sea is so exciting!

Can't wait to see Tamsin's surprise from England.

Tamsin said...

The earrings look fantastic! I thought they had "Maddy" written all over them when I saw them :)

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