Sunday, April 3, 2011

Looking out my window.

This post almost didn't get out, even now, it was the last thing I thought about, the day just ran away from me.
I live in a road off the centre of my town- It is quite quiet, just behind a park, the only congestion I hear is kids playing behind our house, and sometimes, in the dead of night (I am a night owl) I hear a train in the distance, which keeps me occupied.
Just last week this tree was covered in white blossom, but now the petals are covering the ground and the leaves are just sprouting- they will be huge and maroon in colour in the next week or so, The fashionable shade it will remain all season- That tree- and I've no idea what it's called, for me, marks all the seasons changing.
I really love looking out and seeing thing's come into bloom this time of year.
How about you?

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