Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fifteen things.

So, this week on MHHT, we decided to do something simple.
Fifteen, random, perhaps somewhat interesting things about ourselves, for your reading pleasure.
I'm not sure what I can tell you that you don't already know,
but here's hoping!

1. I'm Vegetarian, have been for over ten years now (I was a very strong willed child) and have been giving a lot of thought to going vegan for a little while, maybe next year, maybe the year after, when I've got the knowledge and planning {Any blog reads to recommend?} to do so.

I'm already stuck! this is hard- I'm not even sure there are fifteen things I know about me!

2. My little poodle, Panda- or Pandora if we're getting technical- is older than me, bought whilst my Mutti was expecting me- and I just turned seventeen a couple weeks back, we can't walk her more than a few times a week, for no more than half an hour, she spends most of her day wandering the house, or sleeping in front of the fire (which my Mutti keeps on year round)- she's mostly blind and deaf, but deemed completely healthy- and the funniest poodle I ever knew.

3. I went on my first (and only) trip abroad almost two years ago now, for three days in Paris, which is just as beautiful as everyone says- had myself a little panic attack whilst heading back down the Eiffel tower, an experience I will not repeat in a hurry.

4. I like to think I'm the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world- I listen to the audiotapes on rotation each month- right now (as in whilst I write this) I'm listening to the order of the Phoenix. I have practically memorised the books (I was one of those people queuing up at my local WHsmiths at midnight with my Dad each time a new one came out) and let's face it, nothing cheers me up when I'm blue like watching one of the films- I thought it would be really cool to get a (teeny tiny) tattoo of the scar, but I think it would only make sense on my head, and I won't be doing that any time soon!

5. I officially started dieting in December- where I lost the bulk of the weight I've lost so far, I stopped dieting through the month of March, and it officially began again this morning.
You know how I get through it? By reading every. single. recipe. on The Pioneer Woman Cooks, and every single Jamie Oliver, and Gordon Ramsay cookery program I could get my hands on.
Mutti thinks it weird, I think it's almost as good as eating!

6. My bedroom can either be really really messy, or really really really tidy, but my three drawers in my dressing table- my wardrobe, shoe space and drawers and shelves, are always freakishly organised.
Just are.

7. I wear daisy by Marc Jacobs.

8. Of my two sisters and I, I have the thinnest hair, Eve's is darkest, her colouring like my Irish Grandmother, thick and wavy- probably the shortest of us all, though well down her back, but probably the nicest. Oli's is very long- an inch or two longer than my own, and the same sort of colour, mine is to the small of my back, the thinnest, and straightest, How is it that even though I'm the only one who Love's doing hair and wearing it down, It's the worst?

9.  My Dad was born in Bournemouth, and we would go down for two weeks EVERY summer, on the beach all day every day. I loved it there.

10. I have been wearing my pyjamas for two days straight.

11. We all (try) to boogie board in Bournemouth, there are four or so in My Grandparents garage for when we go down, but Oli is the only one who actually can.

12. Wow- I wish I was in our old flat in Bournemouth right now. I love it there, I wonder if, when I'm older, I'd ever be able to buy it back? probably not.

13. We always went to church every. single. Sunday. no matter what, nowadays,  I don't really, nothing has changed for me, I'm just lazy. I guess we're all sinners' right?!

14. I own the term procrastination. yes indeedie.

15. I still love flower fairies, they are real.

It's hard to think of fifteen things!
There you have it though- if you made it the whole way through, congratulations!
Stay tuned, Tamsin will add her penny piece, later in the week.
I can't wait either!

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