Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brown paper packages

My parcel from Maddy arrived on Friday, and it was just like getting an envelope full of sunshine. Oh, how I love me a good package! Especially such a sweet and thoughtful package from such a sweet and thoughtful person.

Contemplating the treasures within.

I got my package about two weeks after Maddy got hers, which really built the anticipation. I love looking forward to things, don't you? When it did arrive, I couldn't wait to tear into it, and this is what Maddy sent me:

The spoils.

Two pairs of mittens for Espen, a postcard of lovely Ruislip, a notebook (we're both notebook-kind-of-girls), Guatemalan worry dolls (my family was going through a little bit of a rough spot at the time), and a set of Maddy's favorite paints and paint brushes. I felt like my birthday had come early!

Nothing like a fresh, new paintbox and clean white brushes.

My very favorite thing was the set of water color paints and the paint brushes. Not just because they're brand new and pretty, but because Maddy meant them as a little vote of confidence and encouragement for me to get back into painting. That was very touching to me, and a wonderful reminder of the friendship we've developed, in spite of our differences and y'know, the fact that we've never actually met.

Little labels.
My other favorite thing was that every item had a little explanatory note attached to it. I loved reading each of them and seeing what Maddy had in mind for each item. It was a bit like having her here in person, handing me each gift and telling her why she had bought it. I'm tucking my favorite away in my little box of special things.

I honestly can't decide if I enjoyed putting together Maddy's parcel or receiving mine the most. But I do know that I consider myself very fortunate to have found such a sweet friend.


Tana said...

Well done! I'm a sucker for paints and pretty colored stationery products!

Stepper the Mighty said...

This is such a great idea, you guys! I completely covet the earrings you sent, Tamsin, and I think the paint set is just neat.

And - receiving a parcel in the mail. Nothing better.

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