Thursday, April 14, 2011

15 Facts for Week 15

Goodness, however have you slept knowing that I was working on a post about 15* random facts about me? Oh, the suspense!

In no particular order:
  1. I really like this picture. Thank you, MacBook.
  2. I really, really love small Western American towns. The smaller, the better!
  3. Most of the baby names I like start with the letter E (no, this is not an announcement).
  4. While I love interior design, I cannot bring myself to bring anything into our home that is purely decorative. It has to have a function! I'm not sure why my brain won't allow pretty objects, but there you have it.
  5. When I was five years old, I suspected that my kindergarten teacher was in fact a Russian spy.
  6. One of the hardest, and most surprising things, for me about being a mother is allowing messiness. I always thought I would be pretty chill and laid back parent, but it is hard for me to let Espen rub peanut butter in his hair.
  7. If I'm eating something small, like peanuts or m&m's, I always have to eat two at a time (of the same color, if applicable) so I can have one on each side of my mouth. Or I'll eat one at a time and split it in half in my mouth.
  8. I was an early and voracious reader, and had read the entire junior library at my school by the time I was in the second grade. This granted me the special privilege of checking out the senior library books with red stickers on the spine. I thought I was pretty cool!
  9. I last did one of these two years ago, on my old blog, and feel like I can't reuse any random facts from that post..
  10. I'm left-handed, but will switch to my right hand to put on eye makeup on my right eye. This is the only thing I will use my rand hand over my left for.
  11. Me, my mother and my grandmother have all married men from different countries.
  12. I prefer sleeping right on the edge of the bed, curled up in a ball.
  13. Few things make me angrier than people who judge others, but choose to remain willfully ignorant of their circumstances. You've gotta educate yourself a little bit before you start mouthing off!
  14. Because my origins are a bit complicated, I've been giving people the same prepared speech about where I come from for years. They generally ask the same questions, and so I always give the same answer. Even so it is still oversimplified and partially inaccurate.
  15. My irrational fears include clowns and mascots (y'know, the kind with people inside). Especially mascots. The scariest part about mascots is that they can apparently smell fear, and therefor always come to find me. I have been chased through grocery stores by Tom (of Tom and Jerry) and Barney the Purple Dinosaur, respectively. True story. How will I ever survive Disneyland?
  16. One of my favorite things to do is hop in the car and drive somewhere we haven't been before. I like a good exploration. :)
  17. When I was two years old, my parents took me to the Viking ship museum in Oslo. While looking at one of the ships, I quipped: "look out, they vike!"
  18. Because I spent the first 19 years of my life in Europe, some pretty mundane aspects of life in the US are still novel and exotic to me, like I'm living in a movie. Like Jiffy Pop popcorn or Chinese take-out boxes.
  19. My grandmother has written a book, been in movies and a couple of game shows and worked as a stand-up comedian - all while she was in her 80s.
  20. I had green flowers in my bouquet when we got married.
  21. Although I'm Norwegian and live in the US state that claims to have the "greatest snow on earth", I haven't been skiing since 1999.
  22. I think I enjoy building Lego with Espen as much as he does. However, my little heart always sinks a bit when he happily destroys my latest creation.
  23. I'm completely awful at it, but I love gardening.
  24. Along those lines, I sort of like how it looks when I have dirt under my fingernails.
  25. In spite of some pretty tough competition from Espen, my favorite part of the day is still when Nick comes home from work.

* Hahahahahaha! Oh my goodness, I just realized I did 25 facts for some incredibly bizarre reason! :) I guess that just goes to show that people with Liberal Arts degrees aren't very good with numbers.


wendysinfamilie said...

How fun to read.. :-))
And wow that`s a long list.

Tana said...

Ha ha! I actually dropped Trig and took "Math for the Liberal Arts Student". It was WONDERFUL!

Tessalulale said...

I can assure you that you would survive Disney, unless you choose to line up to be greeted by a character, there will be no chasing! haha I love you list!

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