Friday, March 11, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things; stuff edition

My mum would like to thank Tamsin for this weeks idea- it forced me to finally retrieve my freshly washed sheets and put them back on my bed (more on that later) I'm big on bedding.
As Tamsin mentioned in her post, this week we're searching for our inner material girl- right up my street, I'm a girl who Love's stuff and sections, and organisation within containers.
It's a gift and a curse.
Since technically my house is my parents house, they commandeer most of the stuff, my room however, regardless of the sister whom I share it with, is plastered in my taste, and my stuff- the reason being that Eve unseasonably went skiing just when our room got it's turn with Dad's paintbrush, so I got free reign, I suspect this is because Eve had been throwing around colours like orange, yellow and red, not colours I wanted on my walls.
So it's basically my room, but I sometimes let Eve in.
Now we've cleared that up I'll let you in on a few of my favourite things.

Up first- My lumie alarm clock- it is a light alarm clock, whereby the whole section above the alarm lights up gradually for a period of 30 minutes either at the time your alarm is set to wake you up- or as a sunset motion when you go to bed, I don't know how it works, but in the three months I've had this, the day's I haven't bothered, I've been tossing and turning for hours.
Magic- I couldn't be without it now.

Not just my bed- where I seem to have taken up residence, but my duvet covers, I picked the very pale pastel green of our walls so that I could have these duvet covers! I fell in love them whilst wistfully perusing Laura Ashley- just my (mutti's) luck they were in the sale when we headed to get them.
I love how pretty and sort of vintage they look whilst being fresh- the room instantly looked done when we got them- FYI they are pretty crumpled fresh out of the wash as I have had a previous ironing disaster and don't even attempt it anymore.

My bottle of Daisy by Marc Jacobs, now, forlornly empty, this was a gift from my lovely mutti, and other than her own Chanel perfume which she has worn consistently for some 20 years, and instantly makes me think of her- it is one of very few scents that doesn't give me a headache- Good thing my birthday is right around the corner- and how pretty is the bottle?!

Just a couple weeks ago Eve brought me this home from a trip to see our grandparents in Bournemouth- it is a teeny tiny dream catcher which I love, eve tends to stick with edible gifts to be safe (she also brought home a sick of chili rock?) but this time went for something different which I just love, I've always wanted one, thinking they are cool objects- and this totally looks just like the one Jacob gives Bella in Twilight.
It keeps me safe from bad dreams now.

When I made my first holy communion aged 8 I had a big party after, One of our Godfathers, and my dad's friend since school, brought along his girls and his wife, and they gave me this frame, ever since It has sat on my desk with this picture of me on a ride at Bournemouth pier, check out that bob and those original Woolworth's Jelly shoes! Ever since I was little I have been enamoured with Fairy's- there is nothing more magical, and even though it is a nightmare to try and get dust out of all the detail- I just love it.

I ought to have included my whole dressing table, it is beautiful- I think, and there is a lovely story behind it, but that is for another post, But for lack of a better place to store most of my littler necklaces- and a few favourites, they reside piled with some headbands atop my little pivoting mirror, and I love to look at them, it reminds me of when I would stare in awe of all the little baulbauls piled in my Grandmother's antique jewellery box when I was little- though in honesty I still do it when I'm down at her house.

My last favourite, and one of my favourites, you would think I got this book years ago, as I'm nearly 17 and far too old for fairies right? I asked for it as a birthday present two years ago- we found it in Costco and It is the most beautiful book I have ever owned- I wish I could explain all the gorgeous illustrations and letters and...I would just go on for ever, instead I am urging anyone with little girls, or even bigger ones, to order one, you'll be popular for ever, in fact, I am seriously considering asking for this one for my birthday.
I just don't know where to draw the line!

That was fun- I'm such a girlie girl I could have gone on forever, but there is only so much pink and magic before everyone just goes the opposite way.
We'd love to hear some of your favourite things, Until next time,

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sarah, rsm said...

i would definitely go for the magical moonlight feast journal for your is too short not to enjoy what you love...happiest of birthdays to you!

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