Wednesday, March 9, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things: kitchen edition

This week we have decided to get our material girl on and tell about some of the things in our life that we love. None of this "raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens"-nonsense, we're talking objects, possessions, earthly goods. All the stuff you can't take with you when your number is finally called.

When I started touring my house in search of those things that make my heart happy, I found that I kept ending up in the kitchen. Weird, I know. I do have a few theories about why that is, though:
  1. The kitchen is the heart of the home. No room feels safer, cozier and more welcoming than a kitchen done right. I am trying to do it right, and thus gathering the "tools" to make our kitchen feel like home.
  2. Much as I love interior design and decor, I have a hard time collecting objects that are purely decorative. I am much more likely to fall completely in love with something functional that is also pretty. Form definitely follows function in our house!
Anyway, after discovering how many of my favourite things live in the kitchen, I decided to just narrow things down and keep my list to the kitchen.


I fell in love with these little bowls at Anthropologie during a trip to San Fransisco, and Nick very sweetly bought me eight of them for Mother's Day. Because mothers understand dessert!

I had a clear vision of the perfect eggcup in my mind, the kind Plato would be proud of, but couldn't ever find it. I searched online, looked in all my favourite stores - nothing. Then, when I was in Norway a few years ago, I went into a little store and found exactly what I had in mind. Scandinavian design and decor enthusiasts will nod knowingly when I say that they're from Greengate.

One of the most hoped-for items on our wedding gift registry was a Kitchenaid mixer. I think I was almost as happy to discover that some lovely family members had bought us one, as I was to marry Nick. (OK, no. But I was excited!) I just think their design is completely gorgeous, and they're so functional as well. Ours is in frequent use, and, almost six years later, I still get a little thrill when I see it sitting on the counter.

I also love me some linens. Tablecloths, napkins, towels... They are the perfect marriage of form and function (did I just say that?). I'm always on the look-out for a good table cloth, although not to much avail around here. America: you have forever captured my heart as far as tasty salads are concerned, but you do not know what you're doing with tablecloths. Repent! The three in this photo are a wedding present from my parents (blue), a wedding present TO my parents in 1977 (brown), and a hand-embroidered heirloom piece given to us by a good friend (white). I especially like being able to use a little bit of family history in our home.

Next, my Erté calendar. I love having a big, bold, splashy calendar in our otherwise fairly muted kitchen, and like Erté's 1930s-ish style. It's extra nice that we get a new picture every month, which is a nice way to be introduced to an artist that I'm not very familiar with otherwise. You can find a very similar calendar with some of the same images here.

Another gift from Nick. I saw this Anna Maria Horner apron when we were on a trip once, and thought it was so sweet and really wanted, but for whatever reason I didn't end up buying it. Imagine my surprise when four months later it was under the Christmas tree! I love how romantic and feminine it is, without being too saccharine. I always feel pretty when I wear it, which is pretty impressive for an apron.

This plain white jug/pitcher/whatever you like to call it is really nothing special, but I love it. It's clean, elegant and a bit old-fashioned. I think it's at it's very best when overflowing with pink tulips. You can get your own at this exclusive little boutique.

Well, that was a little tour of some of the things I love in my kitchen. There are more, but girl's got to maintain a certain aura of mystique about her, don't you think?

Check back later this week to see some of the things Maddy loves. I think I can guarantee there won't be any photos of the top of fridges in her post!


Tessalulale said...

Did you notice your Kitchenaid mixer is gleaming in the sun?! I think its trying to tell me I need one too! the jug/pitcher and don't be shy of the too of your fridge, its soo clean!!

sarah, rsm said...

love the bowls! and the pitcher as well :)

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