Wednesday, March 23, 2011


For this week's blog, we are exploring the wacky world of time zones! We agreed on a date and time, synchronized our watches seven hours apart, took daylight savings into account and synchronized again (this time at six hours apart), all so we could show you what we were doing at exactly 20:37/8:37 PM in the UK and 2:37 PM in Utah on Wednesday, March 23, 2011.

Maddy, UK time

My time, though I am a fan of the 24 hour clock thing, I pretty much knew that as a rule, at this time o' night I'm either on ma laptop, or in the shower.
The next tab or two over though, I was having a chat with Oona, my lovelie- So I print screened it for ya, nothing too innapropriate, by our standards.
The content of the conversation deteriorated somewhat is the 8 minutes since I took the picture.
We did have a very in depth discussion about One born every minute, our lateast fascination, and The friday song, Oona tried to claim Rebecca Black was her cousin (If this makes no sense, you need to type Rebecca Black into Youtube this instant)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world...

Tamsin, Utah time.

2:37 P.M. At the exact same moment when Maddy was chatting with Oona, I was bundling Espen into the stroller for a trip outside to enjoy the sunshine. This was made slightly less idyllic by the fact that we had just had our house sprayed to prevent ants and spiders and had been instructed to keep Espen off the floor for half an hour. But only slightly. Espen had stealthily commandeered a pen, and was very interested in the self-timer on the camera. I was concentrating hard on fitting a wriggling little foot into a shoe. Thanks to the couch for acting as camera man.

What were you doing on Wednesday at 2:37 PM MST/20:37 GMT?


Erin said...

I have no idea what I was doing at that particular time on Wednesday, but I do have something fun to say. That show you are fascinated with, "One born every minute" is filmed right here at a hospital in Columbus, Ohio really close to where I live! And in one of the episodes, one of the doctors is actually a guy that goes to our church! Crazy!

Anyway, that is all. Keep writing ladies. I'm loving it! :)

Tana said...

Maddy, You, my dear, are a hoot!

And Espen was born to be in front of the camera, Tamsin. What an adorable little man!

This was a wonderful idea.

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