Saturday, March 5, 2011


Oh wow- I owe everyone an apology, but a missing camera and being sick led me to put off posting for as long as possible- here I am!
So, as Tamsin mentioned we're both keen readers, I would buy a book every Saturday back when I got pocket money, the good ole' days.
It's likely linked to having a particularly small attention span- but I tend to read at least three books at any one time.
Right now?
One of my new years resolutions was to read The hobbit and the Lord of the rings trilogy, by Tolkien, and so I am very slowly making my way through The hobbit- unusual for me as I'm known for reading at the speed of light, but I feel like it's the kind of book that I need to read a chapter at a time to really 'get' y'know.
I think it's brilliant, of anything, I need a book that makes me feel like I'm somewhere else, if It's even marginally out of this word or magic, chances are I've memorised it by now.
How fantastic to be a hobbit? I really want to live in the shire myself.
Anyway- I've got all three Lord of the ring books bound in one huge book lined up next.

Vampire Diaries- juvenile to say the least, but people seem to forget that I'm not yet sweet 17 (March 27th!)
and again, it's something to read when I'm in a bad mood and is normally in the close area around my bed, so I can reach for it- I found all the books in a brand new bundle whilst sorting through books at Oxfam where I volunteer, and immediately put it through the till as I love the TV series.
Likewise with my next choice.

Harry potter- I am the biggest fan ever, I always always take one of the books with me if I'm going on a long journey, on holiday I'll take the lot, It's a book I'm always in the mood for, I totally entered the Ultimate Harry Potter quiz at school last year- of which the winner was never announced, but let me tell you- it was me.

The white queen by Phillippa Gregory- it was a gorgeous, romantic historical read, and having read all of her books (honestly- bar The Red Queen, which I'm saving my pennies for) I loved this the most, when I'm stuck for new books to read, I read this.

And lastly, A thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite runner- another favourite, I loved The Kite runner, even though it made me cry, and a friend lent me this, I'm halfway through and in love, I already prefer it to The Kite runner, even though they're both not one to read when depressed.

And that's it for the moment, if you think of any books I may love based on this sporadic selection I'm working through right now- let me know!

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Tana said...

My husband read the Tolkein books to the kids every winter. It was tradition. One became such a purist, he wouldn't watch the LOTR films--although I think they were pretty true to the story.

Good choices!

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