Thursday, March 17, 2011

The makeup.

I'll admit, I don't have a make-up bag, more a freakishly tidy and organised drawer, when I'm anxious (all the time) I rearrange it- everything has a place.
I realised after many, many years of frustration, that not only does my make-up break in a ( or 6) bag, but it's also really easy for Oli to pick up and walk off with, like the whole thing, but when I have a drawer, it's more likely she will just pick one thing to steal, and the rest will go unscathed.
You have to pick your battles.

I'm a bother once or twice a week kinda girl, but I like to have enough choice for whichever look I'm feeling, it normally involves a base, foundation or tinted moisturiser, depending on what situation my skin is in (normally foundation) a light blush, sometimes a teeny bit of a contour with bronzer, with the focus on the eyes, where I have honed my artistic skills in on a retro flick of black gel liner, I've got the Bobbi Brown long wear, But I want the clinique, lips are normally just Vaseline.

{Apologies for the appalling lighting, inspiration struck to get this post out when daylight was all but gone}
{The Make up Drawer- note my old retainer case}

We'll go in order shall we?
 I thought so too.

I have dry skin, so I don't like a lot of powder on it, and prefer liquid- I am currently liberating the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser from my Mutti- I am Olive skinned when given some sun, and my Mutti is pale as an Irishman's daughter, so I don't get how it worked out, but it's almost a little on the tan side for me, which Is why it was looking rather forlorn away from all her other make up. (that I'm not babysitting)
The Estee Lauder is FANTASTIC and I am almost out, I will need a new tube for summer when my skin is at it's best.
And the Revlon colourstay is brilliant, and So affordable, since I don't get an allowance anymore, I live day to day right now!

{I am blessed (cursed) with big old rosy cheeks, so am careful to never overload them!}
I avoid powder where I can, but if I know it's going to be a long night with Lot's of pictures, I'll do it.
My sleek Luminous powder is great, but just to finish, never all over, I think my skin would just start falling off.
The Chanel is the most gorgeous blush ever- no. 63 plum attraction, T'was a gift from my Mutti from one of their collections back in November.
And the Bare minerals is a really natural, Matt bronzer, that makes you look like you just got off a plane, which is great really.
I am wanting to get a new cream blusher, mine is MIA right now- any suggestions?

The colours are a bit out of whack here- but this is a great neutral Estee Lauder palette, I only really use the very neutral colours though.
I use Two mascaras- like books I can never stick to one, that is with anything really, I like Falsies by Mabelline and Big fake lash from collection 2000- I am not big on Kohl pencil, but Have a couple by Estee Lauder that are nice and subtle, I don't have big eyes- especially in Glasses, and they don't really help Y'know?
But I love my Chanel pencil in Claire, it's sort of concealer coloured, but manages to make your eyes huge, I also like to use it as a lip liner to stop a really bright lipstick bleeding out.
Fun fact.
And my beloved Liquid eyeliner, Long wear by Bobbi Brown, but I think I would rather have got the Clinique, because It dries out pretty quick.

I'm really wanting a big ole' brush set, I might save up for one from Sigma, I've had so many make-up artists at counter's telling me that they really are the key to any look.
But Mine are all pretty new.
The Gold Glittery brushes up ahead are by Estee Lauder, and were in a Holiday collection promotion this year.
Th Blue is a Brilliant eyeliner brush that I bought in an artists shop, and it's just as good, if not better, as the super expensive Bobbi brown one it's next to.
The black Brushes are really nice for blending and blush- by Bare essentials and stolen, brazenly, from my Mutti, she's very enduring.
The pink one ...I forget.

Lips, I normally think lips are at their nicest when they don't have scummy lipgloss wearing off, so am always wearing vaseline, but I have a couple glosses, one by rimmel which I like for when I'm tanned- and a plumper from Soap and Glory- My Lipcote sealer for when I wear a piller box red- which is missing at the moment, but I don't do it too often as it's an awful lot of upkeep if you're out, a brilliant fuscia, which I suspect is something that if I want to wear, I better wear now, not if a few years.
I love Rimmel's lipsticks myself.

.....It's hard to explain things, and keep it interesting, My 'pologies Ladies.
But even if you just looked at the pictures, let me know your must have's!
I am taking concealer reccomendations now.
Oh- and For all you who have your irish pride on today- Happy St patricks day, I just found a three litre bottle of Cider in my Bag from a festival last summer, so tonight might pick up!

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The Redhead Riter said...

I looked at all your makeup and thought...So much makeup, so little time. LOL

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