Thursday, February 17, 2011


I don't really like full length photos of myself.
 I like to crop them at my waist- this however defies the point of an outfit post, I'm pretty sure.
I've lost weight the past 8 weeks, It was 27 pounds, as of Tuesday it was 22 pounds, don't know how I feel about that- totally getting back on the bandwagon- tomorrow.
I had a half day at sixth form today, I took Eve home with me, we're pretty much glued at the hip these days.
I had planned to do my hair and whatnot in order to post a decent picture on the interweb, but in the end I forgot I was s'posed to take them until I was home, so handed Eve a camera and added bigger flicks to my eyeliner and went with the biker boots instead of two tone pumps before heading outside, panda (the scruffy poodle above) wanted to get in on the action.
I felt like I had a lot to live up to after Tamsin's cute words in her own post, but when it came to it, I wore what I picked last minute- Fun fact, I don't, at present, own a pair of jeans, trousers, etc...not these past three years or so, I just feel more comfortable in dresses and skirts.

{outtakes- click to enlarge}
It was warm out today, It's beginning to feel like spring again- so I dug out my two years old Bleached-denim-faded-painted-mac from Topshop with the worlds best white T-shirt.
Basically I bought it for Eve to wear under other things- I was trying to teach her about layering, instead she gave it back to me and I realised it was the softest, longest, comfiest, best washing T-shirt in the world- plus I was already wearing it under my indecently low cut blouse for sixth form today- from New look.
I threw on- literally- My neutral check skirt from Topshop (where else?) which I think is the oldest Item of clothing I own, at about three years old, it's beginning to show, no matter, it's getting too big anyway(clap)
Biker boots from
Orb Necklace was a (LOVED!) Christmas gift from Vivienne Westwood
FYI- whilst I am wearing eye liner- tinted moisturiser and lipbalmyglossything here, I am not one of those teenagers who wears a full face of make up everyday, I probably only bother about twice a week.
I don't think that was very interesting really- I like dresses. I don't (ever) wear bare legs cus' it would not look awesome, and frankly, the dresses round these parts are not that long, and, where possibly, I like vintage or vintage inspired.
My whole wardrobe consists of several blazers and Jackets, one cape (think Severus snape or batman) 15 dresses and one skirt- plus three in plain black for school, a couple of blouses and three or four T-shirts.
Is that a lot? I don't know.
I don't care.
I love playing dress up.


Tamsin said...

Hello gorgeous! You really do inspire me to look a little harder at how I dress and break out of my comfort zone just a teeny tiny bit. Come visit and give me some shopping lessons!

madsta said...

Gladly- thought I dont think you really need them! thanks! you just made my 10:42pm!

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