Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Outfit post: How to dress like a tired mom.

When Maddy and I were emailing back and forth this weekend about what to write about this week, I threw out as a sort of half-joke the suggestion that we should do some outfit posts. Y'know, put together an outfit, take a photo of yourself and post it on your blog. I read, and am awed and inspired by, any number of women and mothers who do this, most of them wearing size 2 designer jeans, chunky bracelets and gorgeously disheveled hair. Me, not so much.

But, spurred on by Madsta, who is like the style icon for the 21st century, I decided to give it a try. I picked out one of my favorite news outfits, involving my beloved new boots and a long chunky cardigan that my husband gave me for Christmas. I thought of what to do with my hair. We even had plans to go out and about today, so it wasn't even like I was playing dress-ups just for blogging purposes. I began to feel like maybe, just maybe, I hadn't completely lost my style mojo during the past few years of pregnancy and new motherhood.

Then (very early) Tuesday morning came, and with it a sick little baby boy. I'm not even sure how many times I was up with him in the night, because I can't quite guarantee that I was completely awake for all of the trips to his bedside. So now out and about for us. Espen has spent his day in his pajamas, and I retreated into my easy, comfortable mommy-uniform of jeans and a top. I thought about doing an outfit post, and it just seemed pointless to get changed just so I could take photos of myself, and pretty unthinkable to post photos of me in all my unfinished, unpolished, not-meant-to-be-seen glory. But was it?

Jeans and cardigan from Old Navy, top from Kohl's.
(Look at me, I'm a fashion blogger!)
This, friends, is me as I am today. In my jeans and a t-shirt, wearing an eight year old cardigan and no make-up. I did do you the courtesy of taking my hair out of its standard-issue ponytail, but other than that, this is how you can generally expect to find me. Scary as it is to post online for all the world to see, I think I'm OK with that.

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madsta said...

Tamsin- if this cute get up is you off duty, I'd best be on my fashion guard for when you get all extra cute- thank you for the compliment, I guess we'll have to see what I'm in the mood for wearing tomorrow :) x

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