Friday, February 4, 2011

My town. pronounced Rye-slip

I live just behind this church- not my church, it isn't catholic, but gorgeous non the less.
My Grandparents moved to Ruislip from the beachy town of Bournemouth- and before that Wales.
When my Dad was young, I've always lived here- It's familiar, like my poodle.
I am a creature of Habit; I read the same blogs each day, visit the same websites, and some time's, wear the same tights- because who has that many pairs? (for example, this week alone, I've put my thumb through two pairs)
I also frequent the same places, moan about the same things and drink from the same kind of water bottle.
I like living where I live, I like that if the mood so takes us my girlfriends and I can hop on a train and be in Oxford street, or Trafalgar square- portabello road, The National Gallery, shepherds bush or Camden In under an hour.
For example, tomorrow I'm being paid to try and sort through my Mutti's wardrobe (those that enter rarely leave)- but if the inspiration so took I could head to Topshop, oxford circus.
To me, that is cool.
Ruislip people, is where it's at. I think.
I love it in the summertime- because we can go to the park through the gate in my back garden, or head to the fields and our favourite spot- the bridge, where we sit and listen to the trickling stream and tan our chests in the summertime.
When I'm not dieting (I like to think on Fridays, but in reality, I always am)
I like to eat in Cinnamon square in the high street, it's like heaven- once I had a GIANT cinnamon square and though it nearly killed me- I took one for the team and ate it all.
And it has a Tesco- I'm a big fan, I can't believe people in America don't have them!- then I s'pose we don't have Target- it haunts me.
Was that anything to do with my town- this is what it would be like if we were having a chat- I just keep talking about nothing until I'm stopped.


Erin said...

So, how do you pronouce Ruislip? Just curious . . .

Tana said...

With as many cheesy novels and great classic novels I've read, which are based in towns and villages and shires in England, I really must go there before I die! Not to mention that my family tree is full of English names. Some day . . .

Some day I'll just have to go see that beautiful church in Ruislip, and, honestly, Target will be the thing in miss the very least. :)

Tamsin said...

I prefer to think of it as "rice-lip" :)

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