Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My little town; Spanish Fork edition

This week we thought we would show you around where we live, and I am jumping right in with my own illustrious metropole of Spanish Fork, Utah.

It's no secret, friends, I love this little town of mine. It's just close enough to nearby Provo and Orem that I can get essentially anything I want, and just far enough away that we're away from the city. While we live in a townhouse, there is a pond behind our house and we just have to cross the street to see farmland with horses and sheep. I grew up in a small rural area, and I guess the country girl in me just wants the same thing for my family. I was never entirely completely at home in Utah until I could see trees and a little bit of water from my window.

Tamsin's Five Favorites in Spanish Fork, Utah.

1. North Park
Last summer the city opened this new park within walking distance of our house, and it is just fantastic! As well as walking trails, lots of open green space, pavilions, and an enormous playground, it includes the splash pad in the photo above, which seems to be in constant use when the weather is warm. I can't wait to bring Espen there to cool off in the summer.

2. Spanish Fork Library
It's small, it's old, it's pokey, and it holds a rather impressive collection of romance novels. In spite of, or maybe because of this, the Spanish Fork library just has a charm all of its own. I love to go there and peruse the shelves in search of something to read, which is entirely doable seeing as the library basically consists of two rooms. I love the 1960s architecture, the original wood book shelves and the small town library feel. Every time I go, I get this crazy sense of doing my civic duty even though, clearly, the pleasure is all mine.

3. Macey's
You bet your britches I'm including our little grocery store! Macey's is, after all, the reason Nick and I started coming to Spanish Fork in the first place, when we lived one town over in Springville. It's a typical Western, smalltown grocery store where big-haired women dish out free samples in the back and the kid who bags your shopping offers to help you bring it out to the car. They also offer some of the best produce of any grocery stores around here, and oddly enough, some specialty and hard-to-find goods that much bigger places don't carry. Macey's in my heart!

4. The windmills
Some people think they're an eyesore, but I've loved the windmills at the mouth of the canyon since I first saw them. They're so stark and clean and modern against the canyons that it's almost like having a permanent modern art installation. You can see them all the way across the valley, and it's always a sure sign that we're almost home.

5. The duck pond
One of the instant attractions when we first saw what is now our house, was the pond directly behind it. As I have waxed lyrically about above, I love it. Sometimes when we're feeling housebound, Espen and I will bundle up for a quick walk around the pond, or to feed the ducks. It's just a little piece of nature right outside for us to enjoy.

And that's it! Just a little taste of this place we call home. Don't forget to come back on Thursday for a look at Madsta's home of Ruislip!

Images borrowed here, here and here because it's January and frankly too cold and dark to be rushing around with a camera.


Tana said...

Thanks for the tour!

Erin said...

Oh, Macey's! One of the things I miss most, strangely, about living in Utah is Maceys! And the Western Family Brand!. Seriously, that is one fine quality store brand right there!

And, I have to say I much prefer smaller towns, too. Currently living in this gigantic, crime-ridden, ugly city (even though they have the BEST zoo) is killing me softly with its song. And probably with its pollution too. And if I stay here long enough, potentially it's criminal activity also. :)

Miss you!

Wife Of A Salesman said...

Once I lived in Spanish Fork for four years, I loved that drive up snack place next to an old house where you drive up give your order... drink, soda, milk, candy whatev' pay and get it through the window. Wonderful, when you have four little ones in the car. I can't recall the name of that place...Do you know which one I am referring to? Best Lemonade slushy ever!

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