Monday, February 14, 2011

my Angle on Valentines- all 5'8 of me.

To Tamsin and Tana- you did awesome in wake of my unforeseen Laptop-locked in the study incident, I loved reading your posts- an extra happy Valentine to you ladies!

Despite my rather chaste catholic upbringing, I have to say that, really, I've no clue about the relevance of valentine's day- but have gathered that it is the feast day of St. Valentine, which I suspect may have some reverence, but it is, indeed, a day for loving- not just for Lovers.
My Valentine?
My Mutti.
 I used to have a steady boyfriend for a while, every year since reception class (aged 5ish?), a lovely Boy who I knew my whole life would send me a Valentine, he was sweet as butter and- despite being very dyslexic, he would spend hours making me these cards from Scratch, some years he would tape chocolates to the front, or leave some along-side, and his mother would tell my mother how hard he had worked- I kept some of them.
I guess we started "stepping out together" as we got older, and did for a couple years, he was the same for my birthdays, he was lovely.
That ended a couple years ago with a fairly brutal, but mutually fine "we should just be friends" which we were, and he has a lovely new girlfriend now- who I hope he makes cards for.
But I loved being someones special someone.
Who doesn't?
For now my Mutti is my Valentine, my constant, my lovely, and I'm just fine with that for now- because Valentines day is for Loving- not just lovers.
My Mutti agrees.

Have a great day!- if your having a really good day, I hope you read this tomorrow*

*Speaking of tomorrow- stay tuned for Tamsin's post, we're going all Fashion-ee this week!

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